Athleisure Wear Faves

So clearly I'm not a fashion blogger and try-on sessions aren't generally my thing, but I had some major scores in the comfy clothes department and I feel compelled to share them because they are that good.

I work from home so comfort is key, but I also have to look semi-put together to drop off and pick up my kids from school. 

These all fit the bill and now I'm just counting down the days until Charleston gets its act together and stops sweating us out. 

Okay without further ado, here are my favorites! Also there's no hiding the fingerprints on my mirror and messy bedroom, I mean why bother, so try not to cringe too much at these super fancy photos. 

For reference I'm 5'8" and have broad shoulders, so I tend to go with large tops and medium (or 8/10) in bottoms. 

If you take anything away from this post, it has to be this sweatshirt! I have the mustard color. Seriously the softest thing ever and I love the color for Fall. I bought a large and I'm glad I did. 

Verdict: Keeping and buying one in every color. 

I'm wearing these leggings with it, and while I still love my Zella high waist for the compression, these have pockets! They are also high waisted but don't hold it all in. I'm wearing a large here. 

Verdict: Keeping, but only because they are 60% off right now! Good backups for my beloved Zellas. 

This half zip is also one of the softest shirts I own and I love how oversized it is. I bought a large and could go down to a medium, but I like my sleeves long so I'm sticking with this one. Perfect with leggings and it has pockets! (Sensing a theme here...) 

Verdict: It's a keeper!

Leggings are the same as above- you can see the pocket better here. 

I know, I know, another tunic. But this one is good you guys!! Love the split on the side and how long it goes in the back. I sized down because of reviews and got the medium. 

Verdict: Keep!

This tank is part of Old Navy's "luxe" tees which I'm loving lately. Super easy to throw on under a cardigan (like this one in the 'brown cattail' color) and you can stretch it enough to tie a knot like all the cool kids are doing these days. I'm wearing a medium. 

Verdict: Keep and buy in more colors because they are on super sale! 

Wearing my Zella leggings here and can't get enough of them. 

Another "luxe" tee and quite possibly my favorite athleisure shirt ever. I've had this one for a few weeks and they wash up so well- unlike a lot of other tees I find. Again- you can easily knot it! Wearing a large in this one. 

Verdict: Keep and buy in multiple colors, especially because its on super sale right now! 

Same tee as above in white, paired with the the most comfortable (but huge!) sweatpants. I love the color of these pants and they are super soft. I bought a large in long length and definitely didn't need it. 

Verdict: Exchanging for a medium, but for sure wearing basically every day this Fall/Winter. 

And for those of you who have an endless summer like we do, here was today's outfit. I have these shorts in multiple colors because A) they are super affordable, B) so comfy and C) the wide waistband is gold! I wear a medium. Paired with my go-to boyfriend-fit tee.

Verdict: Buy in every color. 

Also I had a bunch of messages about my shorts from my Instagram post yesterday... so here they are! I feel a little bit less like a dorky mom in them but they aren't too young that I feel like a poser! ha. 

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SOS: Teething has taken over our house

This post is sponsored by QALO and The Motherhood. As always, all thoughts and 
opinions are my own.

Teething has taken over in full force here, my friends. 

Its one of those things you push to the back of your mind once your toddler pops that last molar, burying it in the depths of your brain that also store the memories of sleepless nights and a tiny babe who screamed for entire car rides. 

Finn is approaching the 9 month mark (seriously how am I even typing that out right now?!) and he's honest to God been cutting the same top tooth for 2 months. 

2 months! 

The desperation for relief (for all of us quite frankly) has led me to a million different teethers. Wood teethers. Silicone teethers. Banana-shaped teethers. You name it. 

But guess what? All of those end up on the floor more than they do in my kid's mouth. 

So when I heard QALO was launching a new line of silicone teething necklaces I jumped on the chance to try them out. 

My babe is attached to my hip at all times of the day anyway, so why not give him something other than my hair to chew on?

My husband and I both wear QALO rings almost daily, so I love adding these necklaces to an outfit especially if I know I'll be babywearing that day. 

And bonus... You can actually put these on the top rack of your dishwasher to clean and sterilize!

I try to keep at least one of the QALO silicone teething necklaces in the nursery at all times because we're in that stage where changing diapers is like wrestling an alligator. This usually keeps him busy long enough to dress him.  

The other necklace is hanging by our keys ready to grab as I run out the door with the boys. 

QALO has three designs, the V pendant (which I have in grey), the Hex and Barrel (I have white marble and grey), and a dog tag design which would be perfect for Dad! The neutral colors are a win too. 

Both the V pendant and dog tag can be personalized, so I thought it would be fun to put both of my boys' initials on mine!

Each necklace is made of 100% food grade silicone with a nylon paracord band that breaks free if pulled really hard, and is free of BPA, PVC, and other chemicals that I can't pronounce.

I found that Finn loves when I put these in the refrigerator so I try to do that when I remember!

Okay mamas what are your other teething tips and tricks? Send them my way!

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation :: Inspiration

Special thank you to eFaucets for partnering on this project!

If you've been following along on Instagram you may be mildly aware we are renovating our half bathroom! This will be our first major reno project for our home so even though we haven't even started demo, its been quite a learning process.

For example, who knew tiling a 5x7 ft. bathroom was so damn pricey? In our pre-kid days we probably would have taken the tiling on by ourselves but no amount of time (or wine, for that matter) would be able to get us through that process these days. We're already being pulled in a million different directions, so it was time for a pro.

Demo starts next week and I am so, so ready to say goodbye to these giant brown tiles and boring builder-grade finishes.

Here's what we're working with at the moment:

That's it. Seriously. 

It's not unlivable by any means but its a snoozefest and doesn't fit with our aesthetic.

I'd like to say sayonara to those ugly big brown tiles but unfortunately they still remind me of their presence everyday in our kitchen... which is totally next on the list of projects. (Insert side eye from my husband)

Anyway, bring on the modern farmhouse vibes!

I am notorious for being indecisive so I always have to do a visual like this below in order to collect my thoughts and put together a vision for my projects.

What I love is the texture of this space, wood tones, and light colors. This bathroom sadly does not have any natural light so we'll have to lighten it up with my favorite paint, Decorator's White, and 2" white hexagon tiles.

The starting point of this design though was this vanity and all of the modern matte black hardware. When I searched for hardware this Kohler Purist faucet was one of the first that came up and I was immediately sold. I'm pairing it with the matching Kohler Purist towel ring and a new toilet lever (can't forget that!).

I also really love this Minted print paired with an oversized mat and frame.

The one thing I'm not sure of is the color of the mirror. Should I stick to black or mix metals with a chrome version?! Haaaaalp.

Shop the post below!

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