One Room Challenge Week 2 :: Decision Week

It's been a busy week over here, and not just in the nursery department!

I've been working feverishly to edit newborn and family photo sessions, fitting in work on the nursery closet when I can, so the bulk of the nursery progress has been the behind the scenes details! 

So many little things came together this week including the nursery bedding and I finally placed the order for the House of Belonging sign I've been wanting!

I'm so excited to start seeing some of the room shape up but I need your input! Before I ask you guys for help, here are a few sneak peeks from the room including a major deal I got on the most gorgeous rug!

My original plan was to bring in some navy to pop against the white walls and furniture but when I came across this Lulu & Georgia Enzo Rug in the color Dove with 25% off for their Anniversary sale, I couldn't pass it up! (Use code HBD for the 25% off!) I'm so obsessed with the quality of it and the raised design, it's so classic and perfect for a gender neutral nursery! 

Another big purchase was a new nightstand! My husband thinks I'm crazy for replacing the current one because I actually really love it, but I wanted to bring some wood tones into the room to break up the white. The PBK friends and family sale plus free shipping to the store finally convinced me to go for it with this Stella Side Table

PBK Charleston Rocker
The only thing harder than picking a shade of grey paint is picking a shade of white paint. I'm struggling! If you saw my Instagram stories last week, you know the limited lighting in the nursery highlights the hue in paint colors really easily... especially green hues that I didn't even know were there in the first place! 

Right now Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore is painted in giant swatches around the room, but after seeing the rug, I'm thinking maybe there will be too much white? Should I just pick my favorite grey and have it lightened by 50-75% to get the look I'm going for? Serious first world problems over here. 

I also picked up this super popular Target mirror and I'm planning to use some Rub n' Buff to make it silver to match the rest of the hardware in the room. Has anyone used Rub n' Buff before?! As much as I love the gold color I think the silver will be much better in this space! 

And last but definitely not least I have to hand it to my husband for installing the rest of the built-in shelves for the closet!! I am SO STOKED about how it looks so far!! I'm in the process of caulking all of the seams, painting it, and then adding the closet rods. Hopefully I'll have a tutorial and finished photos for next week! 

But here's where I need your help... I am planning on painting the shelving white, but should I also paint the walls white while I'm at it? 

I'm torn because I like the grey but painting everything white will definitely make the process easier (aka I can be more lazy with my painting.. ha!). 

Here's the current to-do list! 
Can't wait to see the progress from the rest of the ORC participants this week, stop by Calling it Home to take a look!

One Room Challenge Week 1 :: Baby #2's Nursery

6 weeks to finish a nursery, 7 weeks till baby. Think we'll make it?!

Eek! If you're visiting from the One Room Challenge, welcome! I'm Cait. I'm currently cooking baby boy number two, while rocking a full time day job, photography side gig, and moonlighting as a blogger. I'm a Northerner at heart, but currently call Charleston home where we are slowly but surely decorating our first family home!

Our toddler has officially moved into his big boy room, meaning his nursery is giving me all of the feels. Wasn't he just a month old like, yesterday?! Needless to say, this space needs personalized and fixed up a bit for baby brother!

Also because I've run out of closets to organize.

I already shared some inspiration here so you can get an idea of where I'm going with this. Basically, neutrals, texture, and wood elements!

You can check out the original nursery in our last home here, a real life version of what it looks like today on Instagram stories, and a peek of the hot mess below...

We are keeping most, if not all, of the furniture in this room which will help keep the room budget friendly considering we're also in the midst of decorating a big boy room. I would love to try rearranging the furniture too because it feels like we're walking straight into the crib when you come in the room.

My biggest issue with the room though is the wall color. We painted it Benjamin Moore Grey Owl lightened by 25% and with only one small window in the room, the walls tend to have a green hue to them. It also feels pretty dark in there some days even though it might not look like it in these photos.

The closet in the nursery is L shaped and I've been wanting to add custom wood shelving in there for a while now. I'd love for the new shelves to fit all of the baskets that are currently sitting on the floor and all over the nursery... yikes!

We've never done a built-in project like that before but I think its basic enough that we'll be able to manage!

As you can see this room really just needs personalized now that all of the sweet little details have been migrated over to Rowan's big boy bedroom. I'm so excited to see it come together, fingers crossed we can make it happen before baby makes his entrance!
A major thank you to Carousel Designs who is providing the most beautiful custom bedding for our sweet boy's nursery!

Top 6 Favorite Nursing Bras (+ ones to avoid!)

I had hoped to have a few posts up already this week but sometimes blogging and social media feel a little silly when there are so many things happening in this world. 

At the same time there are so many good things happening too, so today I'm focusing on that as we countdown to baby #2!! 

I got so many requests to share the best nursing bras for breastfeeding when I mentioned it on Instagram stories, so I'm excited that someone else will be able to benefit from my extensive research! Seriously though, why is it so hard to find some good ones?! 

In my last go of it, I hated my nursing bras so much that I pitched most of them after Rowan weaned thinking good riddance! This time around I decided I wanted to invest in some functional and comfortable nursing bras, so I bought a ton. 

Like... a lot.

I tried them from Target, Motherhood Maternity, H&M, Nordstrom. You name it, I did the research. 

I should also note this post is not sponsored at all (though there are affiliate links FYI), I'm just here to share the good, bad and the ugly. And of reference, I'm a C cup when prego and nursing so most of these I'm rocking in a size large.  

The good news is after finding some really good deals on the bras below, I was able to return the Cake Nursing Bra because yikes, that's expensive!


Jessica Simpson Full Coverage Clip Bra :: The only wired nursing bra that I've ever contemplated keeping on for longer than 5 minutes. 

Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra (Similar) :: Love this one!! Removable padding is a big plus and I like the thick band to hold in the back fat/bra rolls that are making their way to my super pregnant body. 

Lace Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra :: Reminds me of a non-maternity bralette. Super soft, light support for sleeping or lounging around the house. I got two colors because I can easily wear this after breastfeeding. 

Jessica Simpson Seamless Jacquard Nursing Bra :: Really soft and supportive material with padding and a thick band. I liked this a lot but didn't keep it only because it gave my ladies sort of an odd shape...  it may have been perfect once I filled it out a little more postpartum though. 

Medela Nursing Sleep Bra (Similar higher end version here and affordable 2-pack here) :: Basic no frills bra without removable padding, but comfortable for sleep!

Gilligan & O'Malley Lace Back Bralette :: This is NON-maternity folks, but super easy to use for nursing, really soft, and has soft cups so it's acceptable to wear in public. I might get one in every color!


Gilligan & O'Malley Sleep Bralette :: Not enough fabric in general and uncomfortable straps

H&M MAMA 2-pack Soft Nursing Bras :: These were really soft and seemed promising but kept sliding up. I know I have a belly in the way right now but that wasn't something I could deal with! 

Isabel Maternity Seamless Nursing Bra :: Really had high hopes for this one because I like the new Ingrid & Isabel line at Target, but the shoulder straps were terrible and the strap that remains when you pull down the cup is directly in the way for nursing... Really weird placement. 

So those are my favorite nursing bras! It turns out that all of the expensive ones I ordered were nice but not necessary after finding comfortable, affordable options! I mostly just had to stop looking for them in Target... but don't worry, I still find plenty of other good things at the mothership! ha. 

Any other mamas have a favorite nursing bra? Would love to hear them!! 
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