Mother's Day times TWO!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of the sweet comments, text messages, and well wishes for the newest little member of our family!

We are beyond thrilled to finally be able to share the news of this babe, which Rowan has affectionately suggested we name "Two" whether its a girl or boy. I've had a ton of questions so I thought I'd share some more info here today!

How have you been feeling?

I found out right before my Austin trip so luckily all of the first trimester nausea and food aversions hadn't kicked in yet. But man, they hit me like a freight train the moment I landed back in Charleston.

This pregnancy has definitely been more difficult than my first.. It still baffles me how different pregnancies can be! I don't think I've ever been more tired in my life and my diet has been pretty limited to carbs up until the past week. But I'm glad for the symptoms, otherwise I would have been worried something was wrong.

Were you surprised?

Ummm kinda!

The road to this baby was a bit longer than we would have liked... something I wouldn't wish on a single person or couple. At times it felt like we were constantly getting asked when we were adding to the family (and one person even suggested I had a bump when I did not.... insert eye roll here) so that made each month just a little harder mentally.

We actually had a fertility appointment scheduled the week after I got a positive pregnancy test, so honestly even though we had been "trying" it was still a bit of a surprise! I won't go into too many details because TMI, but if anyone is dealing with a similar situation please do not hesitate to reach out!

Because of some issues I was having before getting pregnant my OB was very cautious after my positive test and had me come in for bloodwork every couple of days and an early ultrasound for extra monitoring. Thankfully my numbers were great and we have one very healthy, growing baby on our hands so far!

Does Rowan know he has a sibling on the way?

Yes and he has been the absolute sweetest when we talk to him about hit which makes me so dang happy I could burst. I think he is at an age where he understands the idea of a sibling and I'm excited to get him more involved with picking out things for the baby and such.

Although he has been telling us he has a baby dinosaur in his belly (and he told us to "be gentle" near it) soooo....

Are you going to find out the gender?

Yes! I'm way too impatient to wait so we'll know in a couple weeks. My gut feeling has been girl from the beginning so I'm really curious to see. Obviously we'll be thrilled either way, especially after the long wait. Just give me ALL the babies!!

Also can I just note that when other mamas warn you will show earlier after your first, they are not kidding! Holy hell, this looks like a 20 week bump! I was in maternity shorts at 10 weeks and I'm not looking back.

So that's the basics! Having my mom visiting for Mother's Day was such a special treat and we're already going through withdrawals without her here. I'm hoping to get a little more pep to my step as the symptoms (hopefully) get better, so I'm excited to finish projects and share more in this space very soon!

We Finally Braved the Toddler Bed Transition

You guys, we've been putting this off for a while.

It's been months since Rowan first started crawling out of his crib, but we weren't quite ready to parent a toddler who could freely exit his beloved crib and get into whatever the eff he wanted.

So we did the glamorous thing by putting his mattress on the floor (propped up super professionally by a few blankets to limit the gap) and kept him in his baby cage for a while longer.

We always had an excuse for putting off the transition... mostly traveling but other weekends it was because we liked our sleep too much.

But finally this weekend we ripped off the bandaid. Rowan was extra tired and cranky for whatever reason his two year old self wanted to be cranky about... and I was regretting our decision immediately. Our kid does not like change!

And guess what?


He even gave us a 4 hour nap on Sunday. (Cue the Hallelujah chorus)

I know what you're thinking.... He probably just hasn't discovered how fun it is to take out all 345 of his books or escape from his room just yet. But just let me have this one for now, okay?

Because honestly...  It makes me really sad.

We also removed his changing pad from his dresser (he is way too tall for it) so in one weekend it feels like all that was left of his nursery are gone. Cue the ugly mom tears. I do admit I'm excited to start designing his big boy room though!

In the meantime... moms of toddlers - did you turn around the lock on their bedroom door so they can't get out and roam? We have a gate at the top of our steps so I'm debating leaving the door lock the way it is until he gets smart and scares the shit out of us in our bed one night or stuffs Olaf down the guest bathroom toilet.

PS You may notice the blog got a facelift!! Bear with me while I iron out the kinks (and maybe someday add all of my social media links?) but hopefully you all love the more streamlined design!

Austin + Magnolia Market Recap

I've had so many requests for a recap of my Magnolia Market trip so today I'm excited to finally fill you all in on the fun! A few weeks ago my girlfriends who I've known since elementary school and I headed down to Austin as a 30th birthday celebration.

The five of us live in 4 different states and 2 time zones, so getting together has been a challenge and I'm so glad we made this trip happen! Breaking away from work and catching up with my girls over drinks + tacos with the best guac ever was definitely what I needed to refuel my tank.

We debated on locations for our trip but ultimately the food and atmosphere of Austin won us over! And with Waco being about an hour and 45 minute trip from there, we figured why not make a day trip of it?!

I highly recommend if you're looking for a rental home in Austin to check this one out! It was the perfect location with an amazing back patio and decor, and was in walking distance to a brewery so we were close to all of the action. 

Austin is so eclectic with old school shops on South Congress Street and tons food trucks! Seriously, Austin's food truck game is on point. 

One of the places we were bummed to miss was the "trailer park" on South 1st Street. It's a collection of food trucks with tons of seating and string lights that we planned to go to before a crazy storm rolled in on our last full day of the trip.

Before getting on the road on Saturday, we stopped by Jo's Coffee for road trip essentials and snapped a group shot by their famous I Love You So Much mural.  Coffee + giant cinnamon rolls? Don't mind if I do... although I guess I missed the memo about not blending into the green wall...

Then we hit the road for the easy trip out to Waco and the mothership... Magnolia Market.

I've been watching Fixer Upper since it started and it's just amazing to me what Chip and Joanna have done with this place. It's right off the highway in a busy part of town, but you feel like you're stepping into a different world. The inside of the store feels like a normal shop at first and then you go into a warehouse-like section.

So much white and black, gorgeous landscaping, more food trucks, and so many family-friendly things to do while mama shops. There were cute wooden swings, footballs for kids to play with in the big open field, and black and white striped bean bags to lounge on.

There were lines to get into both the bakery AND the store itself, which seemed crazy to me but I get it... they have over 8,000 people visit each weekend! Fun fact: we learned that after talking with Joanna's mom while waiting in the bakery line! She was so sweet and just kept saying how blessed they feel for the success of the show and what they could bring to Waco.

If you head to Magnolia Market, don't get deterred by the bakery line. It was wrapped around the building and down the street but they keep things moving and it only took us about 30 minutes. Which obviously was made so much better by chatting with Jo's mama and debating which cupcake flavors we were each going to get.

We all started planning to get just two and by the time we got inside, we were ordering 3 giant cupcakes each. Not sorry! I went with the Red Velvet, Lemon Lavender, and Silobration (vanilla with chocolate frosting). All were SO good but the Lemon Lavender was one of those one and done kind of things because it had such a distinct taste.

Once back in Austin, we headed downtown for dinner at Grizzelda's (cool atmosphere with a couple celebrity sightings but food was just okay IMO) and drinks on Rainey Street, which is basically a bunch of old craftsman-style houses turned into bars where I felt SUPER old. Ha! 

We came armed with so many restaurant recommendations but so little time to try them all. Our favorites were definitely Terry Black's Barbecue and Torchy's Tacos. I'm not a huge fan of guac but dang Torchy's was so good!

I came home planning to add tons of string lights to our outdoor space, painting everything white and black, and bringing my husband back to Austin just for the food. Can you tell where my priorities are?! Such a fun time, love my girls for making this trip happen!!

If anyone is traveling to Austin or Magnolia Market soon and has any questions, ask away!
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