Before and After: Modern Farmhouse Half Bathroom Reveal

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After months of effort on this tiny little bathroom, and one call to our handyman about a possible toilet leak that just ended up being my toddler's inability to keep it in the toilet, I can safely say our half bath renovation is finally complete! 

I naively went into this renovation thinking it would be done within a few short weeks, so it was quite the lesson on home renovation.

In case you forget because it's been a while, here is the pretty inspiration for our modern farmhouse bathroom renovation

And here is what it looked like before in all of its tan and brown glory:

Keep in mind this is a roughly 40 square foot bathroom with zero natural light, so by default it was dark and dingy. But then the builders put huge dark tiles in and the tan paint we've been working to rid ourselves of for 3 years in this house.

Just a coat of paint would have been an improvement.

But I talked my husband into the renovation and here's what we're working with today.

A WORLD of difference, am I right?! Keep in mind zero natural light so photographing this tiny space was a beast in and of itself!

We started with 2" white hexagon tiles and a pewter grout, and after begging the only tile install company around to move us up in their schedule, we had our handyman handle the demo.

Hindsight I think we totally could have handled the demo, but life with two kids is crazy so we outsourced for this project.

But after the tile set, I noticed the grout color wasn't right and it was crumbling just by touching it so I knew it wasn't right.

Apparently they had mixed too much water with the grout and there's no way it would have lasted us even a year.

So a strongly worded email and a few days later, the crew had to come back to out completely remove all of the grout and redo it. It was a great lesson for us in overseeing a project- say something if it doesn't seem right!

Once the tile was done, it was my turn to paint.

We used the same paint color in Finn's nursery, Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White (color matched with Sherwin Williams paint). It made a huge difference between the lighter flooring and wall color, I knew immediately we made the right choice!

Then came putting the bathroom back together!

I'm so obsessed with this Legion Furniture vanity, the color and bamboo-like detail on it is just such a showstopper. It comes with the white rectangle sink and a gorgeous marble top, so for the price it really can't be beat.

We paired it with this Kohler Purist faucet in matte black, the coordinating Kohler Purist towel ring, and a new Delta matte black toilet lever.

You can tell the Kohler faucet is really high quality and I love the modern look all of the hardware gives this tiny little bathroom!

Then we had another setback which was the hunt for the perfect thin, black metal mirror.

I think I ordered 4 different mirrors and none of them fit. I tried a round mirror, a thick framed mirror, you name it- but I kept coming back to this gorgeous infinity rectangular mirror which was on backorder.

So I just decided we'd go without a mirror for a while and it was worth the wait!

This shelf happened to match perfectly and I still hope to add this print in the frame, or maybe I will DIY something similar, but I do like the colors of the succulent print.

So in summary, it was an annoying project to complete because of the snags but we are SO happy with how it came out! Our guests are constantly telling us how pretty it is, and now I just need to work up the courage to redo our kitchen to match the aesthetic!

Anyone with tips on how to get a husband on board with that, holler!

So what do you all think? Did we do okay?


Paint Color Benjamin Moore Decorator's White

All items featured in the space, and similar options linked below!

Life Lately + Our Halloween

You guys- I've completely neglected this little space of mine and I am so bummed I haven't been able to keep up!


So before I jump into all things holiday, a completed bathroom reno (YAY!), and first birthday party planning (like, what... how!?). The past few months will forever be known as the phase of no sleep, constant questioning of my own parenting skills, and conjuring ALL of the grace I can possibly muster with a threenager and baby who didn't sleep through the night until 9 months old.

Have I mentioned the lack of sleep?

All of that to say I'm currently living off of coffee at all times of the day but I wouldn't trade it for a thing. This season of life is a hard, but damn good!

In September I formally launched my photography business, put in my notice and gave up my full time gig as a Congressional Analyst to take photographs for a living. During the photographer busy season... woof!

I have been SO lucky to be so busy my first few months as a full time photographer that it's been hard to devote a lot of time elsewhere outside of my other full time gig: motherhood.

I love it so much you guys, it really feels "right" as cheesy as that sounds. I get butterflies and over-prepare for sessions that never go exactly how I envision (99% of the time that is a good thing!) and I have found that my love runs deep for capturing the details of motherhood that we'll miss when our babies grow.

We've decided to keep Rowan at home for his Pre-K3 year. It's been a challenge for all of us and some days go better than others, but we think this has been such a good decision so far! I am incredibly grateful my new gig offers me a chance to spend more time with my boys, but to be honest I never thought I'd be homeschooling!

Finn is weeks away from his first birthday which is mind blowing.

We also dressed as the Incredibles but I haven't even gotten a chance to edit those photos yet! Total photographer mom fail.

But this Halloween was definitely our best yet- Rowan's excitement was SO fun to see and it felt like total chaos but I'll never forget it! I can't wait for all of the holiday festivities ahead!!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween with your littles!

Athleisure Wear Faves

So clearly I'm not a fashion blogger and try-on sessions aren't generally my thing, but I had some major scores in the comfy clothes department and I feel compelled to share them because they are that good.

I work from home so comfort is key, but I also have to look semi-put together to drop off and pick up my kids from school. 

These all fit the bill and now I'm just counting down the days until Charleston gets its act together and stops sweating us out. 

Okay without further ado, here are my favorites! Also there's no hiding the fingerprints on my mirror and messy bedroom, I mean why bother, so try not to cringe too much at these super fancy photos. 

For reference I'm 5'8" and have broad shoulders, so I tend to go with large tops and medium (or 8/10) in bottoms. 

If you take anything away from this post, it has to be this sweatshirt! I have the mustard color. Seriously the softest thing ever and I love the color for Fall. I bought a large and I'm glad I did. 

Verdict: Keeping and buying one in every color. 

I'm wearing these leggings with it, and while I still love my Zella high waist for the compression, these have pockets! They are also high waisted but don't hold it all in. I'm wearing a large here. 

Verdict: Keeping, but only because they are 60% off right now! Good backups for my beloved Zellas. 

This half zip is also one of the softest shirts I own and I love how oversized it is. I bought a large and could go down to a medium, but I like my sleeves long so I'm sticking with this one. Perfect with leggings and it has pockets! (Sensing a theme here...) 

Verdict: It's a keeper!

Leggings are the same as above- you can see the pocket better here. 

I know, I know, another tunic. But this one is good you guys!! Love the split on the side and how long it goes in the back. I sized down because of reviews and got the medium. 

Verdict: Keep!

This tank is part of Old Navy's "luxe" tees which I'm loving lately. Super easy to throw on under a cardigan (like this one in the 'brown cattail' color) and you can stretch it enough to tie a knot like all the cool kids are doing these days. I'm wearing a medium. 

Verdict: Keep and buy in more colors because they are on super sale! 

Wearing my Zella leggings here and can't get enough of them. 

Another "luxe" tee and quite possibly my favorite athleisure shirt ever. I've had this one for a few weeks and they wash up so well- unlike a lot of other tees I find. Again- you can easily knot it! Wearing a large in this one. 

Verdict: Keep and buy in multiple colors, especially because its on super sale right now! 

Same tee as above in white, paired with the the most comfortable (but huge!) sweatpants. I love the color of these pants and they are super soft. I bought a large in long length and definitely didn't need it. 

Verdict: Exchanging for a medium, but for sure wearing basically every day this Fall/Winter. 

And for those of you who have an endless summer like we do, here was today's outfit. I have these shorts in multiple colors because A) they are super affordable, B) so comfy and C) the wide waistband is gold! I wear a medium. Paired with my go-to boyfriend-fit tee.

Verdict: Buy in every color. 

Also I had a bunch of messages about my shorts from my Instagram post yesterday... so here they are! I feel a little bit less like a dorky mom in them but they aren't too young that I feel like a poser! ha. 

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