Neutral Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

Hi friends!! I hope you all had a fun Fourth of July! It's been a whirlwind two weeks between traveling and a crazy busy day job, so I'm excited to finally carve out a little time for this space... even if it is well past my bed time as I write this!

I've had lots of requests for some nursery inspiration and summer maternity favorites, so that's what I've got on deck for you this week!

As you guys know, I thought for sure this little babe was a girl so it was quite a shock to hear baby number two is a boy! I really hadn't thought much about how I'd design another boy's nursery, but I knew we'd be keeping all of the furniture from Rowan's room regardless of the gender.

You can see Rowan's original nursery in our old house here!

So this time around my starting point was the furniture and this sweet wood sign that reminds me so much of Rowan (the quote is from Winnie the Pooh- you may remember our little Christopher Robin last Halloween!) and I thought it was perfect for a boy's room! I fully expect a house full of boys to be quite the adventure... in a good way!
The next thing I found, which I highly recommend looking for if you're kind of in the dark on nursery color schemes or design, is a fabric swatch in this precious French grey buffalo check print from Carousel Designs. I saw it in Elise's sweet nursery here and knew I wanted to use it in either Rowan's big boy room or the new nursery.

So what's staying in the room? 

The dresser, crib (my grandma got this for Rowan and I will always cherish it so much), and our favorite rocker. I'll probably keep the bookshelves as well.

What am I adding? 

All of the details! It'll get a new paint job taking the walls from light grey to white, a rug with some color, a new nightstand, a mirror, pom trim curtains, and the sweetest Petit Pehr mobile. I'm also going to rearrange the furniture in the room to switch it up a bit.

I know the design seems a little grown up but I promise I'll find an art print (maybe this one?) and other little decor pieces like wooden toys and add to his already growing stuffed animal collection!

We're so excited for this little guy (whose name I think we may have finally decided on... yay!) and I'm just hoping we can get this space ready for him in time!! The biggest hurdle will be getting Rowan's big boy room ready to go before we can do anything... will share some inspiration for that room soon.

So what do you guys think? How should I incorporate some art prints?!

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18 Weeks :: Baby Number Two

Kimono c/o PinkBlush

In true second child fashion, sweet baby number two hasn't gotten a single bumpdate yet! I've been looking back at my bumpdates with Rowan and its been so fun to compare and see the big differences in pregnancies.

Gender: Boy! We still can't decide on a first name but we have a short list so I guess that's progress?

Symptoms + Differences this time around: Oh pregnancy symptoms... SO glam! I'm writing this out mostly for my records... you know... for a few years from now when I get baby fever again? ha!

The first trimester was so, so different with this pregnancy than my first. More nausea and food aversions (I basically ate pasta and toast for 3 months) and so much fatigue. It was a struggle to keep my eyes open most days. Thankfully the nausea subsided around 14 weeks and I'm just now starting to see an increase in my energy level. This happened to coincide with a phase where Rowan loved to force feed me his leftovers... so yeah that was fun!

I've also had a lot of dizziness, to the point that things have started to go black twice and I've luckily come to before completely passing out. I've had my iron and thyroid levels checked and all is well, so we're chalking that up to another fun pregnancy symptom!

The most problematic symptom this time around has been my diastasis recti. I was having so much pain and soreness in my midline, especially around my belly button... to the point that I didn't want to lean against it! That was when my OB informed me that my abs basically didn't come back together correctly after my first pregnancy. It will likely get worse this pregnancy as I get bigger, and in any future pregnancies. She said I will either need surgery to correct it later on or I can live with it, but getting rid of that "pouch" of fat in my lower abs will be near impossible. Lovely.

Weight Gain: +8 lbs. This is the same as last pregnancy at this point, but I'm being a lot more careful about what I eat this time around because of my diastasis recti and my fear of turning into a whale in my third trimester again.

Maternity Clothes: Started wearing maternity shorts around 12 weeks and haven't looked back. Second baby bellies = overactive uterus. Will share some of my favorite summer maternity staples tomorrow but this kimono from PinkBlush has been on repeat. It easily dresses up a plain tank and its perfect for our breezy Charleston summers!

Movement: Started feeling those little kicks around 15.5 weeks!! That is a few weeks earlier than with Rowan and I somehow forgot how much I love it.

Nursery Progress: I picked out some fabrics and paint samples, but still a long way to go! We need to switch Rowan into his big boy room before we can do anything else in the nursery. We'll be keeping the same crib, rocker, and possibly the dresser but I want to change the paint color, bedding, and most of the little details to make it feel different than big brother's original nursery.

Big Brother: Has been so sweet and will randomly walk up to me, lift my shirt and kiss my belly. He told his teachers about his baby brother before we mentioned anything to them! Also loves to talk to him and still thinks he has a baby dinosaur in his own belly. A blue dinosaur to be exact.

Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound, sharing some nursery inspiration, and deciding on a first name... mama wants to start monogramming!

Mamas- anyone else deal with diastasis recti during your pregnancies? I don't know anyone who has despite my OB saying its super common!

DIY Oversized Engineering Prints

Hi, friends!

I'm in Pittsburgh this week helping my Dad after his hip surgery, which thankfully went really well!! Thank you so much to those off you who have checked in with me! It's been so nice being able to visit my parents considering we live so far away and its rare I can help them out when they need it like this.

But I promised this post last week and wanted to share how easy this little project is! It took me about 15 minutes to assemble and hang these engineering prints after I got all of the supplies together, it's that easy.

Oh that couch. So ugly but so comfortable.

Supplies + Cost 

2 Engineering Prints (I used 24x36") = $8
2 Foam Trifold Poster Boards (purchased at Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupons) = $12 total
Spray Adhesive (Owned)
Credit Card (for smoothing out the picture on the poster board)
Tape (to hold the image in place on your poster board while you attach it)
Staple Gun + Staples (Owned)
4 Anchor Wire Hooks (Owned, but you can find these cheap in any craft store or Lowes)
Twine (Owned)
4 (1/2" x 2" x 3') Wood Boards cut to 25" in length = $8
Wood Stain (We used Minwax Special Walnut first, then Minwax Classic Grey)

My total ended up being around $28 since we already had some of these supplies, which is much cheaper than any large frames we would have found!

Choosing and Ordering your Engineering Prints 

I first came across engineering prints after seeing this Chris Loves Julia tutorial and immediately thought it would work perfectly with images from our family photo session when Rowan was six months old. You really want to use images that have a solid, lighter colored background for these photos.

The second photo of Rowan you can see a little bit of our couch but it's not too distracting so thats the main thing you want to keep in mind when you decide between which photos to use.

Pro tip: Use your favorite photo editing software to make your images black and white, instead of using Staple's black and white option. That way you have control over the contrast and can darken the blacks as much as you want to really make their eyes or outfit pop!

After your images are prepped, head on over to Staples' website and decide what size you want. I went with 24x36, which worked perfectly with the poster board I'll tell you about later. The pictures print out on thin paper and will look a little grainy when you look up close, but from far away its not noticeable and for the price, its perfect!

Purchase and Stain Wood Trim

I found these 1/2" x 2" x 3' wood boards at Lowes, which were the perfect size for this project. You can have Lowes cut them to size or convince your husband to cut and stain them for you like I did! They also have 2 foot boards which require zero resizing, but you won't have the overhang on the sides of the posters like I do.

For our boards, my husband cut them to 25" in length so they hang over the posters about a half inch on each side. He then put a coat of Special Walnut stain on them, wiped it off immediately, and then did the same with the Classic Grey stain. I love the rustic, light colored wood that it created!


Cut the folded ends of the trifold poster board off. I used an exacto knife for this but anything will do.

Line up your pictures on your poster board and tape one end to the board to keep it in place. Then generously spray the adhesive to the poster board in about 3-4" sections, slowly using the credit card to smooth out the image. Repeat until the image is completely adhered to the poster board.

Next, screw 2 hooks to the top of two of the wood pieces and attach your twine.

Then turn the poster board over and line up your wood pieces on each end. Staple the poster to the wood in the center, then work your way out stapling a few more times on each side.

You're done! Just hang them and admire the giant, larger than life size version of your cute kid's faces. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to see your finished product if you make these!!

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