Bedtime Routine with Two Boys

This post is sponsored by Baby Magic and The Motherhood. As always, all thoughts and 
opinions are my own.

In our house we like our routines. Especially the bed time routine.

We aren't always successful keeping on schedule, due to a 4 year old and a 19 month old who try their hardest to knock us off our game, but every single night includes a bath.

I know, I know- that might seem like a lot to some.

Finn eats more food than any of us in the house, making sure to get it all over himself first, and he plays in any dirt he can find. So needless to say, bath time has always been one piece of the bedtime puzzle, and with two active boys trust me they need it!

Finn also has eczema flare ups so we have to be really picky about the products we use.

Enter, brand new Baby Magic products.

I'll be 110% honest, I don't normally love scented products on my babies. But Baby Magic's new line of bath soap and lotions is void of all of the bad stuff like sulfates, mineral oil, dyes, paragons, phthalates, talc and lanolin.

So, we gave it a try!

If it can keep my littles smelling good, and its safe for them, then bring it! Lord knows their bathroom needs a little lavender scent to mask the other scents in there.

So because I love hearing others' routines (is that weird?), I thought I'd share ours!

One: Start the bedtime process with a bath

After dinner we head up for bath time with both boys. As Finn gets older, bath time has gotten infinitely easier.  So if you're in the trenches of a toddler + newborn bath time, trust me it will get easier and you will get into a rhythm!

We really like the Calming Bath and lotion for our boys. I love that it has lavender, chamomile and aloe in it for nighttime use. It smells so good and the lavender is good for relaxing- or attempting to relax two rambunctious boys.

Two: Moisturize

After bath time comes Calming Lotion and pajamas.

With his sensitive skin, Finn is no stranger to lotion. He's recently discovered that he can rub it in himself... and open the cap... so thats been fun. 

Three: Play time

Nope, I'm not joking. You know that Meme where it says Dad gets the kids all riled up at bed time? Well, that's what happens here.

Playtime is an essential piece of our bed time puzzle. It started as a time for Rowan to have solo time with us when Finn was a newborn and would go to bed first, but now they both LOVE it.

It's just 10-15 minutes of whatever the heck they want to do.

Tackle Dad? Sure. Race trucks down the hallway? Why Not. Play laser tag? Yep.

It runs off that extra bit of energy before sleep and some QT with us.

Four: Books + white noise. 

Oh my goodness I don't know what we'd do without our white noise machines. Our boys sleep so much better with it on. They are also total bookworms so we had to limit reading to three books each night.

We rock our babies to sleep in our house, and Finn's cuddles might just be the best ever. Do you ever just drink up that baby smell and try to burn it into your memory? Yep, that's me.

Baby Magic bath products have been a great addition to our routine, We also love Baby Magic's fragrance-free 3-in-1 wipes for cleaning all the things.

Be sure to check out their line of hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested bath soaps, wipes, and lotions!

Thank you to Baby Magic for this partnership opportunity. 

Hello, It's Me.

It's been quite a while since I made a regular appearance around here.

19 months to be exact.

I'll be honest. When Finn came into our lives, it amazed me how quickly the days passed. Before I knew it he was crawling (kid bypassed my beloved "sitting before crawling" phase), then walking, and basically leaving a trail of destruction wherever his sweet soul goes.

He has been the biggest joy and the brightest light in, at times, the most difficult and transitional year.

Age three (and four at times) rocked us to our core. I honestly struggled to stay positive at times, and dang I am just tired. I mean what mom isn't?! But there has also been an incredible amount of beauty, pride in the strides Rowan has made, and so many sweet, amazing moments with our boys.

This year I felt like I had to do so many things just to keep up, taking precious time away from loving on my boys. I was working full time, learning to parent two kids, and working almost full time with my photography.

Anyway... what I'm getting to and failing at is this:

I'm back because I love this space. It may not be as often as I want, but I'm stoked about it.

BUT, a few caveats.

If you see a flatlay from me its because it took me under approximately 2 minutes to pull together.

If I work with a brand it's because I love it and highly recommend it (though that's nothing new- I've always done this!).

If I share an inspiration board, its because I caught up on client work, was feeling particularly adventurous, and/or was hopped up on caffeine while the rest of the house sleeps. I'm also a very visual person so if I'm redoing the decor in a room, those inspiration boards help me SO much and its just a bonus that I can share them!

If I share a photo of my house that looks clean, please know that steps away from that spot there are mountains of clothes that need folded, kids toys shoved between couch cushions that I won't find until weeks later, and a nice coat of dust combined with crumbs on most of our floors.

I no longer care about numbers. I'm a "microinfluencer" and there are so many advantages to that, this isn't my full time job or income source, and my page views and "likes" do not define my worth.

And I'm not saying I'll be perfect and blog every day, but I feel like I have a vision for this space in this new phase of life.

And that starts with rebranding.

As much as we love our Ruby girl, life is drastically different than when I started this blog and I want it to reflect that.

SO STAY TUNED! And thank you for following along, and/or making it to this point in this post.

Self Care and New Year Goals

Here's the deal, I've never been one to keep to resolutions so that isn't happening.

And if I'm forced to pick a "word," it would be "balance."

Last year I struggled hard to wear my many hats. So far this year isn't any different (shocker, right?!) but I am making myself more of a priority than I did before. If it keeps me out of the orthopedic office, PT, and saves my sanity I'll take it. 

If you're new to Tighter Together, it focuses on macro counting, HARD workouts (like I can barely move after the second day.. ha), and the Facebook group that has been so helpful! 

I liked TT better than Faster Way to Weight Loss, which it seems everyone is doing these days, because the workouts are really prioritized. Even after just a few days I can already feel my back problems starting to improve from working out again!

I also bought a litany of anti-aging face serums, dark eye circle correcting cream, and moisturizers. So basically all the products for women whose two kids run them ragged.

Kidding... but not really.

They do run me ragged but in a "I love them so much it hurts but damn give a girl some space to drink her coffee" kind of way.

I'm also on a mission to become a minimalist.

Okay maybe not that far but there is some serious cleaning out going on over here when I'm not chasing my wild boys, photographing other families' babies, or staying up way too late to work.

Alright, tell me: do you have a "word" or are you just throwing out a few completely basic goals I did?
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