Wedding: Ceremony

If you would have seen our ceremony rehearsal the day before our wedding, you would have never guessed the ceremony would have gone off as wonderful as it did. The Priest who was supposed to perform the ceremony was sick and another Priest, who had no idea who we were or how to pronounce our last name, had to jump in the day before the wedding. Bless his heart, he was such a sweet man and we really appreciated his help, but the rehearsal was... chaotic.

Despite the craziness of the rehearsal, our ceremony was everything we hoped it would be... with a couple funny moments. After getting ready, we arrived at the church early and I had a few minutes in the "cry room" to reapply deodorant relax. The music was beautiful, the church was filled with our family and friends, and my groom looked absolutely so handsome. Oh, and I didn't trip going down the aisle! Whew! I'm pretty sure the possibility of falling terrifies every bride, but especially those with puffy, tulle dresses like myself. Thank you alterations!

I absolutely loved the photo of the flower girls opening the door for us. It was the cutest thing. They were so excited when they saw our limo arrive and our photographer snapped this photo.This is why great photographers are worth every penny- they capture moments that you miss or don't remember until afterwards.

The ceremony programs and the signage were DIY by my mom and I. Two days before the wedding we were still tying ribbons on the programs and I wanted to just forget about it, but she convinced me to keep them. It definitely helped to add a little more gold to the decor. 

I had to have dusty miller or lamb's ear in our boutonnieres and flowers. Thankfully our florist managed to get them, I probably drove her nuts, because they don't do well in cold winters nor do they do well if they are shipped.

I chose not to share the photo where I'm 100% positive Steve is tearing up as I came down the aisle. If he ever reads this, I would have to hear about it! haha It was so sweet though.


Time to paaaaartay!
Also check out our getting ready and wedding party photos, they are amazeballs. :)

P.S. All photos are by Caitlin Thomas Photography

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  1. Oh my gosh were you not most beautiful bride ever!!??!?


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