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I have to admit, I was a little nervous about how our wedding party photos would come out because A) it was like, 40 degrees and B) I thought the dead winter trees would look ugly in the background. When we got these from our photographer, Steve and I were SO happy!! To my bridesmaids credit, none of them showed how cold they were and we had such a great time taking all of these. I have pretty much all of these photos posted up somewhere in our house!

I didn't want my bridesmaids to look too "matchy matchy" so I let them choose the Bill Levkoff chiffon dresses in whichever style they liked best. No one picked the same dress and they all looked SO beautiful!! I mean seriously, they are in 40 degree weather with wind and they look perfect! For shoes, I asked them to wear any nude pumps they liked because I just wanted them to be comfortable.

The guys wore Calvin Klein tuxes from Men's Warehouse with the off-white shirt, bow tie, and suspenders. Steve wore the Vera Wang tux instead because he likes the slender fit and you really can't tell the difference in photos. I do have to note that when he picked up his tux, none of it fit. At this point, I was too busy to even panic so he took care of everything and MW shipped the right size overnight. Whew!

So handsome!! How amazing is this photo!?

Then came one of my favorite wedding photos ever... I specifically requested this pose with our photographer after seeing it here. I think our photo knocks the pants off the original, but that's just my opinion :)

I was so terrified Steve was going to drop me but he did good!
My bouquet included peonies, roses, and dusty miller. It was exactly the pastel, romantic look that I was going for! I love hydrangeas though, so I opted to use those for the bridesmaid's bouquets and the flower girl mini bouquets. You will also see them in the reception photos later!

Note to future brides: I recommend taking this photo before you walk all over a park and remember to pick up all 1424 layers of your dress :)

Love :)
If this is your first visit to Home Sweet Ruby, make sure you check out the getting ready and ceremony photos! Oh and welcome! You can learn more about us here.


  1. These pictures are sooo sweet! I hope you two had the wedding of your dreams :)

  2. Love the photos! I love your husbands socks, where are they from? They are the perfect colors!


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