Chalk Paint Dresser Redo, Part 2

Hello!! I hope you all had a fabulous Monday! Today I'm sharing with you the end result of the dresser redo with Annie Sloan chalk paint and my thoughts on the waxing process.

I haven't styled the dresser with a lamp or frames yet because I want to make sure the wax cures, which can take a few weeks, but I'll share more photos later when I have some more progress with the room!

The lighting in our bedroom is terrible for iPhone photos, sorry! Still waiting on Santa for that big girl camera!

If you read part one of my dresser redo, you know that I talked a lot about how I could see brush strokes with the chalk paint and that sort of bothered me at first. I have to say, although you can still see them, the wax makes a huge difference in making your furniture look really polished and complete! AND... it was WAY easy!

Seriously you guys, I was so intimidated by the waxing part of this project and it was by far easier than the actual painting! I didn't use the dark wax, so that would probably be more tricky, but if you're a beginner DIY-er like me, don't fret the clear wax.

I read a lot of tutorials, but this one was my favorite by Cindy of Simply Reinvented.  She also has a distressing tutorial which was helpful too.

Items you will need

So based on the concerns I had before waxing, here are my thoughts after my first experience with Annie Sloan Clear Wax:
  1. You don't need the expensive AS waxing brush. I think if I were to buy one of the AS brushes, it would be the one for painting, because I used a few soft t-shirts cut into pieces for the wax and they worked great. Bam, I just saved you like $30!
  2. Working in small sections, push the wax into the paint and then use another rag to wipe off the excess. The first step is just using the t-shirt to push the wax into the paint so that it is absorbed. (Not that great of an explanation but that is why I gave you the Simply Reinvented link. Don't over-think it though, just wax) Then, take a second piece of t-shirt or lint-free rag and wipe of the excess wax. I did this in small sections of the large dresser and its easy because you can see where the wax has already been applied, even with the Pure White Chalk Paint. I was concerned about not wiping enough of the excess wax off, because I read that it wouldn't dry for others, but I didn't have that problem. You can tell when you've wiped the excess off because the rag or t-shirt will run smoothly over the section that you just waxed. Note: this is not buffing, just run the rag in a straight line up and down the section once or twice and you will be good to go. 
  3. Do 2-3 coats for parts of the furniture that will take the most abuse. I did 3 coats on the top of the dresser but only 1 on the rest of it.
  4. Wait 24 hours, then buff. Don't overthink the buffing either... I honestly half-assed this part and I think the finish still looks great. I used a little circular buffing sponge, like one you would buy to wax or buff your car, but I bet another piece of the old t-shirt would work too.
Below are a few more photos at different angles. You can see that the brush strokes are very faint now while the parts that were distressed are a little darker. My only beef was that when I distressed the dresser, I was either taking off too much White paint or I was seeing the blue underneath rather than the wood. You don't notice that much unless you look really, really close though.

I probably used about a half cup of wax in all, so I've got a lot left for future chalk paint projects which is awesome since its a bit pricey. Like I mentioned in part one, the paint coverage was really good too so I definitely feel like the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Clear Wax are a great investment for a furniture redo, especially a piece with curves and intricate detail like ours!

As I said before, I'm no expert but I hope that my little tips and comments will help any of you who are considering a chalk paint project! :)


  1. Looks great! Thanks for the tips, I want to do something like this so they def helped!

    1. Thank you Kasey! Definitely give it a shot, it was fun and mostly easy! :) I just wish I had tried it on a nightstand or something smaller first to get the hang of it!

  2. YAY! It looks awesome, I'll have to remember this one day when we're looking for furniture for a home, I love the idea of chalk paint so I'm sure it will come in handy--I pinned it so I can pull it up when the time comes.

  3. This turned out great!!!! Love the thorough tips you give. Now I just need a piece of furniture to do this on.... ;)

    1. Thanks Brianne!! Glad I could help! Shoot for thrift stores, there is always something there to experiment with!

  4. This piece is amazing! Love your blog - very beautiful.

    Much Love..... Jayma |


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