Oh, Hey September!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! Ours was productive but relaxing, which is exactly what we needed! I can't even get over the fact that it is September already, but I'm totally okay with it since its now acceptable to talk about how much I love fall.... Clearly that has been a topic that is lacking in my posts...

Lately I've been missing the Virginia wine country scene, so on Friday we decided to mix it up a bit and my husband and I stopped by Holy City Brewery for a tasting. You really cannot compare the beautiful wineries and sprawling vineyards to this brewery, but it was still a fun night. The brewery is in a not-so-nice part of town, but the small tasting room is set back off of the street so you don't notice once you get back there.

We got a flight of 8 sample beers, although they gave us Root Beer as one of the options. Is it sad to admit we felt cheated for getting one non-alcoholic bev?! My favorite beer was the 9.5% alcohol one... figures! Neither of us enjoyed the jalapeno-infused beer. Ugh, I'm still getting flashbacks of the stinky aftertaste. They can keep that and the root beer to themselves!

We debated going to watch the Florida football game with the local Gator club, but laziness ultimately won and we just watched it from home. Even Ruby enjoyed the game!

On Monday we opted to be lazy (yes, again) and just hung around the house doing chores and grilling for dinner. While Steve labored over the dining table we're redoing (pictures to come!) I finally got to unpack the fall decor! I kept the Halloween stuff aside for now but I'm thinking we need some more decor now that we live in a bigger place.

Fall Printable

My favorite part? The scent of our Pumpkin Pie candle. It instantly made our place feel like fall even though it was 90 degrees and that crisp smell outdoors hasn't made its way to the low country yet.

In other fun fall decor news, my DIY Fall Wreath was featured on Disney's Babble blog!!

My project is the fourth photo in the "25 Charming DIY Fall Wreaths" roundup which you can see here. I feel honored it was included with all of the other creative and fun options! :)

Tonight I've got a rather unconventional lady date, which I'll be sharing with you in more detail later this week. Its hard for me to meet new people here, especially since I don't even have coworkers (unless you count Ruby), so I am excited to get out with the girls! If you're dying to know what we're up to (don't lie, I know you are) then make sure to follow me on Instagram!

Did you all have a relaxing weekend? Anyone else bring out your fall decor yet? If you watch college football, I hope your teams won!


  1. Love the post! Makes me want to climb up in the attic and get out all my fall stuff! Also love the mention for the Virginia Wine scene - we have it on our list to make a trip soon!


    1. Thanks! September is when its acceptable (in my mind at least) to start decorating for Fall, so I say so for it! :) LOVE VA wine, I'm so jealous you're going!

  2. You should def feel cheated by the root beer! That so does not count!

  3. uh, root beer is not acceptable! congrats on the wreath feature! so fun :-)

  4. I love your autumn print - so pretty! :) I'm a new blogger as well and would love for you to pop on over and pay me a visit seems like you and I have something in common WINE :)

  5. Love your dogs Gator gear! The cuteset! My BF is a Florida Alum so of course I'm an instant follower ;) Go Gators!


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