Making Progress

First of all, I have to thank all of my readers times a million, especially those who commented yesterday. You all are seriously THE BEST! I'm not sure how I didn't know about gummy vitamins before but I bought some on my trip to Target last night. All of your other comments just made my day and I was actually super productive last night... that is, after the retail therapy at Target. I wish I could stay away from that place because we'd have so much more money in savings... ha!

A few things including Essie nail polish, ghost marshmallows, and some clearance finds jumped into my buggy... I'm not responsible. Also have you all seen the cup holders that Starbucks provides in Target to hook on your buggy while you shop? Genius!

So I promised I would share more photos of the DIY headboard we finally finished and some of the progress we've made in our master bedroom. It's been a long process for me with this room and I'm so happy to say that it's finally starting to look like it's coming together! It definitely feels a little more grown up now.

If you want a refresher on the "before" photos and my inspiration, see here. Also I apologize in advance for the crappy photos. We only have one large window in our bedroom and the lighting does not work well with my iphone. Can't wait to get my big girl camera for Christmas!!

Above is a glimpse of the dresser that I posted about here and here. I definitely need to get rid of that lamp shade but I'm having the hardest time finding a large white shade, which sounds crazy. 

Yesterday I was also complaining about my mom's sewing machine that was not cooperating. Well, I took it apart Macgyver-style and there was a broken pin stuck inside! No wonder I was having problems! It may or may not have been from me, but nonetheless, the euro shams are done! I even managed to match up the pattern on one of the pillows... which resulted in me dancing around and screaming like Cam from Modern Family.

The fabric I used for the headboard is actually velvet curtains from Ikea. The one bad thing is having to smooth all the velvet in one direction, which I haven't really done yet. More on that in the tutorial!

I'm going to make some pillows with the floral fabric, either 18x18s or a lumbar pillow. The fabric is expensive though so I haven't bit the bullet and purchased it yet. Maybe this week.

Front view of the headboard
If you notice, I also took your advice and used the Ikea Rast dressers as nightstands. They work out perfectly and I used mercury glass knobs I found at Hobby Lobby. Still need to order the duvet cover though, obviously!

Ugh terrible lighting and photo! Sorry!!

I'm still not sure about the curtain color, but the grey curtain currently hanging will be used to cover the tan storage ottoman. I think I'll be asking my mom, the expert sewer, for help on that one!

Items still on the to-do list:
Find a white lamp shade for the mercury glass lamp
Style picture frame ledges and add more photos
Buy this Pottery Barn duvet cover and get it monogrammed (of course!)
Add more pillows with this fabric
Decide on curtains
Recover storage ottoman with same fabric as headboard
Find lamps for on the nightstands, preferably clear glass or acrylic ones
Buy small vanity table and redo vanity chair

Geez, that looks like a lot left to do! Hopefully the next time I share an update, it will be the final reveal! Also some of you said you'd be interested in a headboard tutorial so I'm working on getting that together to share next week! If any of your have any ideas or suggestions for our room, please share!

By the way, who else is excited tomorrow is Friday?! 


  1. The headboard looks awesome! Your whole master bedroom looks great! Good job! The WA Target is finally getting a Starbucks and I hope we get the buggy cup holders too!

  2. your room looks so pretty! At first glance it looked my old bedroom! That would have been crazy! I love how simple and cozy it looks.

    Target really does do the soul some good, I always love when I have an excuse to make a visit to that store :)

  3. Oh goodness! I'm in love with that lamp, I need one like that in my spare bedroom so badly. :)

  4. Wow the headboard is amazing!! Can't believe y'all did that yourself!

    1. Thank you so much!! :) I actually can't believe it came out that well either.. haha!

  5. The headboard is gorgeous and I love your shams! Your bedroom wall color is perfect. :) Do you remember what it is called? We are wanting to paint our master bedroom and bath a similar blue. :)

  6. Your bedroom is looking great!! I really need to shake a leg & make mine look somewhat presentable!!

    1. Thank you Ashley!! It's a work in progress but we're getting there!

  7. Gosh I can't get over how good the headboard looks!!

  8. doll, first of all, the headboard looks AMAZING! well done!!! and your white dresser...ahhh! i'm drooling. makes me want to paint my brown one white even more!!!!!!!!!! like, asap!


    1. Thank you so much Elise! :) Painting that dresser was a big project, make sure you take your time if you do yours and have a glass of wine or two... makes the time go faster!!

  9. I am excited that today is friday :))
    You did a really good job! And I really love your dresser!

    Julia (daysfullofglitter)


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