Holiday Bucket List

Because I'm a sucker for cute packaging, I wanted to share the delivery I got yesterday from Ashley over at Evermore Paper Co. Love the personalized touch!!

I'm SO happy with these adorable cards! I bought the "Always and Forever" card for my husband for our first anniversary and the "Cheers" card was too cute to pass up. Don't forget to enter giveaway by tomorrow night! Also make sure to take advantage of the 10% discount for orders on her Etsy shop!! Use the code HOMESWEETRUBY at checkout!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I basically can't function without my to do lists. I have about 3 ongoing lists in multiple notebooks at the moment. So to add to that madness, I'm making myself another list here!

I'm doing a lot of traveling between now and Christmas, so this might seem like it's all over the place... because it is. I'm also lumping some things in there from Thanksgiving since we're splitting holidays with the two families. I've got Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Florida on the agenda this holiday season, and I couldn't be more excited!

At our favorite winery in Northern Virginia a month after we got engaged... holy short hair!
2013 Holiday Bucket List

Watch all the best Christmas movies, including but not limited to Home Alone (1 & 2 of course), Elf, Christmas Vacation, Mickey's Christmas Carol, and the Santa Clause

Bake cookies, put in cute packaging, and give to neighbors and friends

Eat until I can't move on Thanksgiving and pack extra stretchy pants

Donate dog treats and toys to the local animal shelter

Deck the halls while listening to Christmas music

Get a live wreath for the front door and put lights up outside

Light my "Evergreen" Yankee Candle so it smells like we have a live Christmas tree (maybe next year we'll get a live one, is it sad I don't want the trouble of watering it?)

Completely surprise someone with a thoughtful gift

Do a few Christmas DIY projects

Drink (more) hot chocolate with fun-shaped Cool Whip

Experience a Charleston (aka Southern) Christmas

Use the fireplace to stay toasty and make s'mores

Enjoy Christmas lights while walking Ruby in our neighborhood

Get a great manicure with red polish (I'm terrible at doing my own red polish!)

Make my Grandma's famous pumpkin pie for Steve's family

Visit the Capitol Christmas Tree (way better than the White House one in my opinion)

Go to the beach

Visit my favorite Northern Virginia wineries

Soak up time with friends and family, most of which we haven't seen since March

Send our first Christmas cards as a married couple

Host a festive party with friends

Catch up with girlfriends over wine and pumpkin desserts

I'd also really love to see this:

But only after we safely get to Pennsylvania and when we have nothing else to do. I love snow, but only when its convenient for me. ha!

Is anyone else traveling a lot for the holidays? What is on your holiday bucket list? Also- Charleston folks, what is good to see or do around here for Christmas?!


  1. The James Island County Park lights - be prepared for traffic though. Not sure when it starts, but they block off King Street like Second Sunday for shopping, music, etc.

  2. Your list sounds perfect! I especially like your manicure idea, that just sounds cheery!

  3. Love your bucket list - I may have to make it my own too! I just got my first-of-the-season red nail manicure! So festive!

  4. Yay! Glad you got them so quickly!

    1. Super fast! I'm obsessed and can't wait to give the cheers card to a friend of mine, she is going to love it!!

  5. love it all and YES to the snow! I believe if it's going to be cold it might as well snow!!

    1. haha I totally agree!! Those bitter cold nights without snow are just unacceptable, unless you've got a fire in the fireplace :)

  6. I love that donating toys to the local shelter is on the list! If only everyone could adopt so those places could be empty on Christmas morning!

  7. As soon as December 1st comes I'm all about the Christmas movies! I'd start now if my husband would let me! I'm looking forward to sending out our first Christmas cards as a married couple too!

  8. So jealous of that gorgeous white blanket of snow!!!! And we share many a holiday to-do's ;)

  9. Your hair is amazing!! Love your list, I highly recommend a real tree, make your husband water it, that's what I do! ;-)

  10. I need to start making our Holiday to-do list! Love what you've got on yours. I need to use yours as inspiration :)


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