Weekend Snapshots

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Today my thoughts and prayers are with our brave veterans, we are extremely lucky for their selfless service to our country.

You may have noticed on Instagram that I started on some holiday projects this weekend! I'll be sharing those soon, but I'm waiting until next week to actually start decorating. And although its a little early for me, I allowed myself to listen to some Christmas music while working on the projects. That's acceptable... right? Has anyone started decorating or listening to holiday music yet? My husband thought I was crazy but whatever.

I also practiced with my new camera this weekend and I'm totally loving it so far!! Thank you to everyone who has recommended accessories, I've got them on my Christmas list!

Here are some of my favorite photos... of course, Ruby and the hubs were my models.

I swear this girl knew I was taking photos, she stood directly in front of me and just posed for a solid five minutes.

I definitely have a lot to learn but so far DSLR cameras are much easier to work with than I thought!

We also indulged in some homemade chicken nachos during the Steelers game. Recipe coming next week!

Can you tell we like black olives?

After eating these we felt like total slobs and did nothing the rest of our Sunday. Perfect!

P.S. Don't forget to share your favorite Thanksgiving dish tomorrow and join me for a link-up!


  1. Those chicken nachos look so good! I think Ruby loves modeling! She's a natural!

  2. Steelers fan?! So am I! Thank goodness we had a win yesterday. The pics look great, as do those nachos:) And I have been listening to carols since Nov. 1!

    1. Thank you!! And yay for another Steelers fan!! We really did need that win, its been a rough season!

  3. Baked cookies this morning while listening to the Elf soundtrack!

  4. decorating: check! music: check! Your husband looks like a Mainer, wearing sandals in November!! We rock those in the snow :) I love it!

  5. adorable pics! and I can't wait to see your holiday projects, I need to start mine soon. Can't believe how quickly they are creeping up on us, it was JUST halloween (right!?)

  6. Finn is my favorite to photograph - mostly because he tolerates it so much better than David!

  7. Your pup is so cute! And those nachos sound amazing...I love lazy Sundays more than anything.

  8. Love the action shots of Ruby! Have a great week!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Ruby is ADORABLE!! So glad you got to enjoy your camera!

    xo & now following

  10. LOVE the pictures taken with the new camera!! PS: those nachos look amazing!

  11. Your pictures look great and your pup is adorable! :-)


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