Valentine's Gifts for the Man (+ Pup) in Your Life

With just about two weeks until Valentine's Day (where the heck did January go by the way?) I've been racking my brain for some low cost Valentine's gifts that my husband would appreciate. I know guys don't care about Valentine's Day gifts but I love making holidays just a little more festive!

We'll probably forgo dinner at a crowded restaurant for a fun dinner at home and cheap wine. What can I say, I'm not hard to please! Plus, in just a few weeks we'll be toasting to our 1 Year Anniversary at the Eiffel Tower... so I'll save those extra bucks for the macarons.

Get your beau ready for summer with some Rainbows, they are the best, and a new, preppy hat. I threw in the bag too because its a more modern version of a briefcase and more practical for business travel since it hooks onto luggage.

Beer might seem totally unoriginal but it also meets all of the gift criteria, plus I can jazz a six pack up with some sequins if I'm really feeling it. There are also lots of free Valentine's Day printable tags, like this, for a cute finishing touch on gifts!

Assuming dudes aren't scoping out Pinterest or the blogosphere for gift ideas, I'm leaving out my wish list. If you're really curious, see here! And because I love my lounge/work clothes, I'm loving this festive sweatshirt (for me, my husband wouldn't wear that!).

I can't forget Ruby though! Our little love is already so spoiled, but I can't resist the urge to pick up something for her too. I usually pick up a festive dog toy from the Target dollar section, that way when she loses interest it's no big deal. I'm pretty sure any dog would love these cute Carob and Strawberry Puppy Kisses!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you go all out with gifts or just something easy and festive?


  1. Buying Man gifts are always so hard! We skip going out because the service is usually bad. A nice cooked meal at home with a bottle of wine for us! :-)

  2. New follower!! :)) Found you through Ally and love your blog!
    Why is it so hard to find gifts for guys? Beer is a great idea - my bf loves craft/microbrews and would appreciate any of those I got him! And those candy lips are hilarious ;)

    xx Em

  3. That mug is pretty awesome. Great gifts for the man in your life ;)

  4. great picks! my husband and i dont really celebrate valentines day but he IS in need of some new flip flops and swim trunks for the summer. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Heck yea save for the macarons! Great ideas though and of course you can't leave out the furry kids. I'm planning on cooking at home and just want my obligatory pink roses :)

  6. Oh my gosh so cute... a valentine's loving your man + your pup = perfection!

  7. We don't do V-Day big (especially now with kids) but we do get each other gifts and have a special dinner at home if it is on a weeknight. I think we'll grab a bite out the next day.

  8. I love to give O festive holiday boxers! It's my go-to :)

  9. Theo read this post and then read my post for today 2/3 and said he finds it funny that you post about what to buy your man for v day and I posted about what I want for v day! He said it shows who matters more in my life! Ha!


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