Crochet Coffee Koozie Giveaway Winners!

Happy Hump Day! 

Thank you to everyone who entered the crochet coffee koozie giveaway

{Left} Raspberry Pink Coffee Cozy by Skittish Coyote Studio
{Right} Neon Pink Heart Coffee Cozy by I Talk of Dreams
Congratulations to Christina who won the bow koozie and Jillian who won the heart koozie!  
 Check your email ladies!

And a major thank you goes out to Megan from I Talk of Dreams and Heather from Skittish Coyote Studio for the adorable koozies! If you didn't win, make sure to stop by their Etsy shops and "treat yo self!"

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  1. yah!! you just made my day :) xo jillian

  2. Yipppeeeee!!!!! So dang excited!!!! xo

  3. I demand a recount ;)

  4. Yeah for the girls who won!! I clearly need to learn on how to stuff the ballots better next time ;-)

  5. Hey girl! These are so cute! Hop on over to my blog today, there's something there for you!! :))


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