With my maternity leave coming to an end next week, I've been focusing on trying to get into a routine and Rowan on a schedule. Even though I work from home, we may have to take him to daycare and let's just say this mama isn't happy about it.

I'd love to find some time for a Spring DIY project, or maybe just time to bust out the Easter decor, but there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Working mamas, how do you balance everything?! It seems impossible right now but I know it will get easier over time.

I did manage to bake this week though! I never would have thought I'd spend my St. Patrick's Day baking lactation cookies rather than my favorite Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes but these are actually really delicious and I have absolutely no problem stuffing my face with them.

Recipe via In the Pink and Green

I also managed to capture Rowan's first intentional smiles on camera yesterday. There's nothing better than finally getting a smile out of him that isn't gas-related...

He is working hard on that receding hairline and double-chin. Love it.

Tomorrow I'm sharing Rowan's Minted birth announcements and (hint hint) there may be a little giveaway for y'all! I hope you are all having a great week!


  1. What a cutie he is!! You captured a great (non gas-related haha!) smile. Yay for lactation cookies. I was thinking about making those here soon too. Would you share the recipe you used?

  2. Yay for the smiles!! Those are the best! I made lactation cookies too this week, haha. It's funny how those St Patrick's days change over the years. :) Sorry you're back to work soon. Making it all work is tough. I worked from when Miller was 4 weeks until 5 months and it was tough. I worked from home too and didn't have a babysitter (which was a mistake because it make it extra hard) but I think if I had continue to work we would have gotten a nanny/daycare and gotten into a nice routine. You will figure it all out, don't worry!

  3. Rowan is so cute! Love that picture! That is one to frame for sure! I would love to tell you that working full-time and being a mom gets easier but I don't think it does. You just get used to it and decide what things in your life can slide and what can't. Right now my house looks a lot messier than i would normally like it to be but that is because I spent all my time after work playing outside with Elin. It's just a balance.

  4. OMG he is to die for!!!!!!!!

  5. Look at the sweetest little man ever!! What a precious capture!

    Totally pinning those cookies for later :) :)

  6. I can't believe your maternity leave is almost over!! FMLA lets us get up to 12 weeks! Those Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes are to die for. Make some anyways, I'll pay you! That picture of Rowan is just precious! He's totally your mini me, sorry Steve!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. Love that cute little smile! Good luck back at work, even though you work from home, it's still hard! It does get easier, I promise. I've always heard of lactation cookies, but never knew what it was, I should have done this when I went back to work. Yes, yes I do need to eat a whole batch of cookies, it's for the baby!

  8. What an ADORABLE little smile!! You know the struggle is real as far as balancing goes. I certainly don't have it don't and P is 7 months old. Just remember some days will suck but they won't all suck (that is as silver lining as I am going to get for you!)

  9. How in the world is your maternity leave almost over?!? Time is flying by! He's so adorable - love that hairline and double chin ;)

  10. OMG I can't believe your maternity leave is almost over! I feel like you just had him!! Speaking of, could he be any cuter?!? That smile is just too adorable!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes


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