All in a Day {+ Giveaway Winner}

Y'all, I keep saying I'm going to blog more regularly (and in my mind I'd like it to be about something other than my kid or being a mom). I really miss it so thanks for putting up with me!

Also thank you to everyone who entered the Day Designer for Blue Sky Planners giveaway! Congrats to the winner, Meg! Yay! I'm so glad you all loved the planners and I wish I could rig it so everyone could win.

Today I'm sharing a small glimpse of our day.

I can't even count how many times I've been asked how I work from home with a baby or what our schedule looks like, so here it is in all of its hectic, exhausting glory. I honestly love that I get to be home with him, but we are floating the idea of a nanny just to get some help as he gets more active. The schedule below is a typical non-work day, so for specifics about working with a baby see the end of the post!

I've mentioned before that we have been using the Moms on Call schedule with Rowan since he was about 4 weeks old. We follow it loosely, so if he sleeps in (this rarely happens, my little alarm clock) we just push everything back a bit. If he seems hungry before his next feeding then I feed him early. No big deal. The structure has really helped us all but it's also flexible enough that I can shift things around to accommodate my work schedule. I also credit Moms on Call for R sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old!  He had some issues (I'm looking at you 4 month sleep regression) but I think we are back on track now!

6 AM - Nurse Rowan when he wakes. (I'm basically sleeping with my eyes open at this point)

6:30 AM - Mama gets some coffee and a bagel, R plays in his bouncy chair or does some supervised tummy time

7:30 AM - Naptime for R. I try to shower during this nap but to be honest if I shower before 5 PM most work days then its a shocker! I just don't have time because I have to be super productive during naps.

9:30 AM - Nurse R. I'm usually bored nursing him so I try to catch up on blogs on my phone or buy something on Amazon #itsaproblem

10:00 AM - Feed R solids. Lately this consists of oatmeal cereal and a pureed fruit or veggie (he has limited options since we're waiting every 4 days to introduce new foods). We do playtime after that until his next nap.

11:00 AM - Naptime for R after we read a couple books.

12:30 PM - Nurse R then playtime. He loves his jumperoo during this time.

2 PM - Naptime for R. He has been fighting this one the past week. Ah!

4:00 PM - Nurse R.

4:30 PM - Feed R solids (fruit + veggie) then playtime. He usually has a lot of energy by this point so tummy time and the jumperoo are key.

5 PM - Cat nap for R.

6:30 PM - Bath time with Daddy. R loves his bath and my husband is so great at taking over baby duties when he gets home from work. Major kudos to that guy, I love him.

7 PM - Bottle feed with Daddy while mama makes dinner, then my husband reads to him until he tries to eat the books. (Listening to them read might be the sweetest sounds I've ever heard)

7:30 PM - Bedtime for R, dinner time for us.

8 PM - Collapse onto the couch, the dirty dishes usually have to wait.

9:30 PM - Pump. Literally the most boring time of my day... I hate pumping. But I have to keep up our freezer supply because the bottle feeding really helps us make sure R gets a good feed in to sleep through the night. He is currently eating almost 9 ounces at his 7 PM feed! Love my little chunker.

After that, we try to go to bed. I've always been a night owl though so I do my blog reading and writing, online shopping (oops), and catch up on social media before dozing off.

Work Days

As far as working goes, I get a lot of work done in the morning and during his naps. You learn quickly how productive you can be during those nap times! I never really take a lunch break because I use Rowan's feeding sessions as my break. I'm usually scarfing down some sort of unhealthy snack whenever I get a second. 

My main goals for the workday are: hit my 8 hours and get everything done that I need to (sometimes that requires me working once my husband gets home) and always be accessible via phone or email for my coworkers and customers.

The days are long but it's completely worth it to be able to see him roll over for the first time, see his hilarious expressions when he tries new foods, and watch him learn to sit up on his own!

I know not everyone is interested in this kind of thing but for some reason I always like hearing about the schedules of other mamas. If you made it through this post, congratulations I'm thoroughly impressed!


  1. As I was reading I was thinking um, when does she work! Rowan keeps you busy! I loved reading this because I'm one of the nosy people who wonder how you do it all!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  2. I love hearing about people's daily schedules!

  3. Seems like you are on a great schedule! I would love to work from home once I have children, but not sure I would get any of my work done…oops! Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

  4. I love day-in-the-life posts! And they are way fun to look back on later :) Your little one is SO adorable!

  5. Way to go mama!! Sounds like you've got a good schedule going.

  6. I always wonder what a day home with Baby looks like! Sounds like you are rocking this working from home thing!

  7. Kudos to you mama! I got tired just reading this post, whew! You need a vacation!! :)

  8. You are amazing!!! Mamahood is hard!! But you are right, it is all so worth it!!

  9. Girl 8 weeks? Sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. I want to defriend you. Luckily I like you.

  10. I am dreading pumping...and how much time it is about to consume in my life....a necessary evil though! When do you get time for your own nap? xoxo

  11. Busy mama! Can't believe you are still blogging through it all... how can I still not find time! HA

  12. Yayayy thank you again for hosting this giveaway!!! You certainly do a lot every day! And seriously, next time I'm up at Wescott, I need to text you so we can meet up.


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