Hi! It's been a while. I thought I'd finally show my face after hoarding myself in my house attempting to corral my active kid, work like a boss, and sew a fun piece for the Willow Crowns mini collection launching next week!

As I was listening to my annoying voice on a Snapchat video this week it dawned on me that I was using that as a confessional and thought it might be time to lay it all out in writing for those of you who are obviously on the edge of your seat waiting to hear from me. So here goes...
Slouch Headwear Hunter Green Beanie

1. I wish I looked that cute in slouchy hats.

2. My husband and I get to have our second date night in 9 months next week and we can't decide what to do or where to go. We can do so many activities! Kind of pathetic though that we can't narrow it down to anything besides cocktails.

3. We put no less than 4 pacifiers in Rowan's crib each night so that when he wakes up he can always find one. It's hilarious watching him do it on the monitor, actually works, and in the morning we find them in a pile next to him. That's right... he collects them while he is half-asleep. I find it so entertaining but I'm fully aware this might majorly suck when we wean him from the paci.

4. I have an unhealthy obsession with Pirouette rolled wafers. Also I can't pronounce the name of them despite taking French in college so there's that. 

5. We have 2 gallery walls and 2 mirrors that need hung, plus 3 bedrooms to paint, a laundry room to  add cabinets to, a formal dining room without furniture, and a room that looks like holiday decorations puked all over the place. Clearly we've been productive.

6. I recently had a very sweet reader tell me it looked like I had my act together. Let me assure you, that is not the case at all! I have myself together roughly 20% of the time, as in I have showered and made dinner before 8 PM. The other 80% of the time any ounce of "togetherness" comes at the expense of a missed lunch, wet hair thrown into a ponytail, or missed sleep. Seriously y'all.. hot mess express over here!

7. I've listened to Amy Vachal's cover of Hotline Bling more times than I'd like to admit.

8. I used to have a nose ring. Just a stud, no fancy bull rings over here. I got that over a tattoo on my 18th birthday because (luckily) the tattoo place was closed. Such a rebel. 

Okay now I'm off to have some vino. Happy almost Thursday, friends!


  1. Aaaand going to listen to that right now! Thanks for the tip, mama! xx

  2. I can't decide if I like the cover of that song more OR the comments they made on The Voice after it... both were great!

  3. I am addicted to Pirouette rolled wafers! (And totally don't know how to say it correctly either!)

  4. Yay for the elusive date night! Haha I remember the nose ring! I went with the super original back-of-the-neck-tattoo on my 21st. good call me.

  5. hahha h loves those wafers! they are pretty addictive! i am so excited for you and steve to have that date night! go wildddd! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. At least you have a baby that can use an a "excuse" for not being productive. Our house is the same way and we don't even have kids! Ha!

  7. Your to-do list is no joke! It took me forever to get my gallery wall up but I finally did and now I love it every time I walk past it!!


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