Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!! Only one more of these before Christmas and we are oh so excited over here!

Glad to be linking up again with Christina for my favorites from the week! Here goes...

ONE. Quick DIY Restoration Hardware Knockoff Shelves
I promised I'd share some details from these shelves from our Christmas decor post, they are so easy! I used this tutorial from 7th House on the Left, except after purchasing all of the pipe materials from Lowes and spending $70, I took them all back! Not long after, I found Supply House which had quick shipping and the materials were only $25. Waaaay better!

Our boards (leftover from our DIY coffee table) were 6" x 1" so to make two shelves I ordered four 3/4" x 6" Black Nipples, four 3/4" Black Caps, and four 3/4" Black Floor Flanges. Assemble the pipes and spray paint them before installing with heavy duty anchors. I did this project all by myself so its totally doable for us ladies!

TWO. $150 Minted Giveaway

Yesterday I shared this precious Minted custom artwork I had done for a gift for Rowan's grandparents and there is a $150 giveaway you can enter to win your own! You can also use it for holiday cards if you haven't ordered yours yet! Don't miss it!

THREE. Favorite Loungewear

Gap Cotton Leggings

Y'all these pants are I love them so much that I own two pairs and I'm fighting the urge to buy another because there are so many fun patterns! They are perfect for cuddling around the house, chasing after a wild child, and make me feel less like I'm wearing pajama pants all day.

FOUR. Rowan's First Santa Visit

We took Rowan to see the James Island Festival of Lights last night and he had his first visit with Santa! He looked like he was about to lose it but the photographer cheered him up pretty quickly! I have to laugh because he is actually wearing longalls but they are riding up on him so bad.. oops!!

FIVE. Red Lipstick Help?!

This weekend we've got a date night on the agenda and I totally dropped the ball in my outfit planning for the wedding we are going to! I'm hoping I can pick up a little black dress and maybe venture out of my comfort zone with some red lipstick. I'm not usually a lipstick person, so if anyone has a recommendation please share!!

Hope you all have a fab + festive weekend!!


  1. Rowan is adorable!

  2. Rowan with Santa is so dang cute!! Love those imitation Restoration HArdware shelves!

  3. Bite Beauty is at Sephora and has got some great lipstick and it's a nice "Clean" beauty line too.

  4. I wish I was any help with red lipstick. My husband hates when I wear dark lipstick, so red is out. boo. Love the Santa picture! Nice work on those shelves! They look fab! Have a great weekend!

  5. I am another vote for Bite Beauty. I am not a big lipstick person but I do love theirs.

  6. Those shelves are so cute! so happy the kiddos got to meet santa :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Omg Rowan with Santa - so cute!! He looks like a little boy!

  8. I love those shelves so much! How about you make me some?! ;) You're brave to try out a red lip! I've always been too chicken to! Enjoy your night away!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  9. Those shelves are awesome and I love how you styled them! As for red lipstick, I love Elf's Matte Lip Colour in Rich Red. Only $3 at Target and stays on your lips for a long time!

  10. I got those pants in a red Christmas looking print and plan to wear them Christmas morning while opening gifts. They really are so comfy!!!

  11. Oooh! Thanks for the info on those fabulous shelves. We're going to be making those for our upstairs bathroom, so I'm happy to know we can save some money!

  12. Can I just say that Santa's chair is amazing?! Love the pic! :)

  13. I got this email today and maybe it will help with the lipstick?

    I also saved this from a while ago:

    Great picture of Santa and Rowan! :)

  14. Love that artwork gift. So perfect! And great shelves too! Definitely RH-esque!


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