Valentine's Day 2016

I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day!

There were no babysitters, naps, or romantic candlelit dinners for us, but we did indulge in carbs. Lots and lots of carbs. Fancy.

After barely eating a thing Saturday because of food poisoning, those donuts and Trader Joe's frozen croissants snapped me out of the fog.

My Valentines completely surprised me with a gorgeous Loren Hope cuff. I assumed we weren't doing gifts, so I neglected to get my husband anything. Wife of the year.

Sarra Cuff
With all of the birthday party planning and postponing, I didn't have time to put together much for Rowan's Valentine's Day either. But if you're looking for a really sweet new book for your mini, I highly recommend I'll Never Let You Go.

The illustrations are so beautiful and I love, love the story. It ranks up there with On The Night You Were Born. Cue the ugly mom tears.

And no weekend would be complete without an attempt at some photos for the grandmas. Who knew the XOXO balloon banner could be so much fun?!


Here's to hoping your Monday goes by fast!


  1. I LOVE the new look - your blog looks fantastic! So sweet of your husband to surprise you with a cuff - it's gorgeous!!

  2. Valentine's Day is always so tricky! I feel like there's always some sort of "let's not do gifts this year" deal & then someone surprises the other with a gift. At least you got a pretty cuff out of it! :)

  3. How fun that he surprised you! So pretty, and yes to taking pictures for the grandparents!

  4. Love that cuff! Your hubby pulled through on the Vday gift! I also was a epic wife fail and did not do anything for my hubby... oops! Rowan is adorable in those pics!

  5. Happy first mama-filled VDay. :) Yesterday was so all about the carbs. Loved it.

  6. Your husband is so sweet for getting you that cuff! Sounds like you have a great Valentine's (minus the food poisoning)

  7. Mmm those donuts look delicious and those photos with the xo's - too cute!!

  8. Boo to food poisoning but YES to donuts. I have come to realize I don't have nearly enough donuts in a lifetime!


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