Crazy Days

This week, while rocking a relentless headache from the day, my children (fur and human forms) decided to take their crazy pills.

While I admit we've been really lucky with Rowan sleeping so well, the past two nights he decided he'd had enough of this whole sleeping through the night thing. And it all started when I had the audacity to try to go to bed early for once in my life.

Then, once I finally lull my teething, coughing, super allergenic child back to sleep for a few hours, Ruby decided to bark her lungs off.

Thankfully my husband is back from his work trip today but damn if he didn't miss the most active two nights as of late. Wearing my busy employee and mama hats have taken their toll on me regardless of the amount of coffee available.

My to-do list is still fourteen thousand miles long and I'm taking on more responsibilities at my full time gig, which makes moonlighting as a blogger a little tougher.

We've decided to postpone work on our playroom built-ins because its just too much at once, but we'll still be working on them slowly over the next few months! We did finally cross off some nagging projects around the house, like spray painting outdoor light fixtures (and getting said paint on our siding... #fail).

I'll slowly be catching up on all of your emails this week and eventually I'll stop being hot mess express. Is it Friday yet?!


  1. Oh boy! I think, without fail, whenever the husband goes out of town, things go haywire--it seems like that anyway for me over here. Hoping things slow down and you can decrease the stress a bit!

  2. I feel ya momma. Sometimes it all happens at once!

    1. Sooo true! Thankful for coffee this week, that's for sure! haha

  3. Oh man. I'm right there with you this week!! At least it's halfway over. Bring on all the coffee!

  4. Girl, I feel you! That to do list is never ending! And of course the babe and dog go crazy when dad is out of town... It's always that way! Hope things settle down for you and you get a little much needed break!

  5. Is it too early for a glass of wine yet? ;-) Hang in there!

  6. You mamas amaze me!! So impressed at how yall juggle everything (especially on little sleep)

  7. Hang in there girl, it's not easy. My son's allergies have been crazy too - gotta love Spring time!

  8. OH MY GOD when Pixie barks and Oliver is sleeping I want to strangle her!! Sorry you had a bad week! My to do list is constantly building up and the more I think about all that I need to do on my days off, the more I just want to get out of the house and go baby clothes shopping! Guess it relieves my stress shopping for O, not for me, that gives me more stress!

  9. I'm riding aboard the hot mess express as well! The dog barking drives me absolutely insane. I remember people telling me oh they'll get used to to noise... Make sure you make noise and vaccum when they're sleeping so they just get used to it. Wth is wrong with people??! No way, no how! Hahah! I've seriously been contemplating getting a barking collar! Anyways, I hope things slow down for you soon and hopefully Rowan is feeling better!


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