Life Lately

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those of "sweating profusely while constantly reapplying suntan lotion and fighting to keep a hat on my child" types of summers.

We've been doing all of the fun things the past month, which has been nothing short of chaos but I've loved every minute of it. Thankfully 11 hour road trips with a toddler who suddenly has a very strong opinion are behind us for a while, though.

Time to catch up, shall we?

ONE. Trips to the beach have gotten equally more tiring and entertaining as time goes on. 2 hours to pack, 1 hour to drive, unload and get set up, 4235 re-applications of lotion later...

R finally started to tolerate the beach provided we let him wear his shoes (which are the BEST by the way, I also love these for him) otherwise its meltdown of the century territory. Kid hates the sand!

TWO. Finally, no more tan walls! Large master bedrooms are all fun and games until you have to paint them. My body hurts.

This is a horrible photo, but we went with Benjamin Moore Marilyn's Dress and I'm in love. I'll share some better photos later this week! Yikes.  Lots of other house projects and plans in the works, stay tuned!

THREE. We've also been busy with first trips to the Zoo, Children's Museum, and Aquarium. First time using chalk and playing in the "pooooool" (not at the same time, though he tries). It's been so much fun seeing Rowan react to new things, have I mentioned how much I love this age? Remind me of this when the tantrums come back 5 minutes from now...

FOUR. Sales! Tell me I'm not the only one counting down the days until Fall clothes?! I don't think my denim will see the light of day until October at least, but I'm eyeing these distressed Rag & Bone jeans for Shopbop's surprise sale tomorrow (25% designer sale with code DESIGNER25).

Also a heads up, this Lorac Eye Collection is only $19 during the Amazon Prime Day sales! I love Lorac eye shadows and blush so I scooped this up already since the 30% off sale started today.

I feel like there are a million other things to share, but red wine and the last episodes of OITNB are calling my name! Anyone watch this season? It's been so much better than the last!


  1. Oliver wasn't a fan of the beach either! I'm glad we were staying beachfront and could go back inside! I keep saying this right now is my favorite age with Oliver so hear it just gets better makes so happy! Well as long as he's not teething and wonder weeks! I can't wait for the fall!! I see pumpkin patch and hay ride with you guys in our future!

  2. I completely agree about the new season of OITNB! So much better than the last season but the ending WRECKED me emotionally!! Super jealous of you beach trips!!

  3. Painting is all fun & games until it NEVER ends! I love the color that you chose for your master bedroom and I bet you love seeing something other than tan walls in there!

  4. those shoes are so cute! I'm jealous of your beach dates! and i love the color you painted your master bedroom.

  5. So jealous of you having the beach so close! Sounds like you guys are having such a wonderful summer!


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