August Things

You guys how is it August already?!

Today I'm throwing it back old school blogger style... no affiliate links or taking 20 minutes to style a photo. I had to step away from all of that the past two weeks and it felt so good to be more present with my sweet little family.

I'm not sure if its the 18-month age or just a much-needed break from teething, but Rowan has been a total sweetheart lately. We purposefully keep him up later so we can enjoy a few more minutes of playtime during a busy work week.

Once he is in bed, its off to clean up all five thousand things he lovingly moved from storage bins (which I'm pretty sure we can never have enough of) to the middle of the floor.

Then, if we're lucky, my husband and I manage to make dinner and eat it by 9 PM.

Trust me, this is in no way a complaint. We're in the stage of life that we hoped and prayed for... It's glorious and exhausting all at once. I love it.

I feel like we're in a sweet spot right now. So much so that we're even contemplating getting our hands on a fixer upper and moving again. Could be fun, could be totally crazy. 

So what's on the agenda for August?

Charleston series: I'm so excited to launch a series on Charleston next week! I've had so so many emails from readers and friends who are visiting. I figure its time to put my recommendations in a few posts! If you're planning a trip and have specific questions you want info on, ask away in the comments!

DIY picture frame wainscoting in our dining room. So far we've figured out our measurements and purchased the trim, but I feel like we may be on track to finish this in about a month if we only work during nap time. Woof. I'll be sure to share all of the good, bad, and ugly as this project moves forward!

Eating a cookie cake the size of my face: All in honor of my husband's birthday, of course. 

Counting down the days until cooler temps head our way: Because holy humidity. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a return of my Friday favorites, stay tuned!

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  1. Ah! I'm finally getting back to charleston on the 19th (for a bachelorette weekend though, boo lol) so let me know when you get around to the series!


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