Our Weekend + Favorite Sugar Cookies

I've been trying my hardest to get a little Christmas home tour for you guys but as it turns out, I really dislike cleaning my house. Our "live" garland has seen better days and I'm slowly having to move ornaments higher and higher on the tree, but hopefully I can snap a few photos before everything dies on me!

Also I realized I forgot to share our Minted Christmas cards here! I love them so much. Our photo was one of those moments where I'm glad there is proof I gave birth to my child because he is a spitting image of his Daddy.

Our weekend was filled with visiting Santa, a stop at the aquarium, and perusing our favorite streets in South of Broad to see all of the Christmas decor. I officially came to the conclusion December is the best time to visit Charleston. You just really can't beat the cool temps and charming doorways with giant wreaths!

I don't know why I didn't think of giving R the cookie cutters to play with earlier, we got like 20 solid minutes of independent play out of that.

On Sunday we stayed in our pajamas and baked sugar cookies. It was a mess with a toddler involved but he loved it. He dipped the cookie cutter in flour first then pushed it down aimlessly wherever he could reach.

My husband claims he doesn't want to screw up the cookies so he'd rather not help decorate. (Insert eye roll here). But honestly I kind of don't blame him. I have to be in the mood to decorate them otherwise they all get some frosting slapped on with the same sprinkles.

But this year I got smart and used a pastry bag to frost them all and it was the easiest and quickest way to frost a sugar cookie! I know Pinterest and bloggers love the look of royal icing cookies but who really has the time for that?! I'll take funfetti frosting over royal icing any day.

I've tried other sugar cookie recipes but always come back to this one! Once the frosting sits on there overnight they soften up and are so.dang.good. The problem is that working from home means I'm 20 feet away from them all day. Cookie for breakfast? Yep. Lunch? Yep.

Hopefully I can whip up a few more types of cookies so we don't eat all of these too quickly! Tell me some of your favorite cookie recipes!! 


  1. I've been looking for a good sugar cookie recipe - thank you!!! And from what I can see, your house looks fabulous!

  2. They turned out so cute! And if you have any extras send them my way! ;)

  3. Rowan is such a good little helper!!! i love your piping. AND i know your house is adorable! you always have the cutest decorations. xo jillian

  4. Yummy! also, your Christmas card is beautiful! such a good looking family :)

  5. Love your decor! Where did you get the black frames in the living room?

    1. Thank you so much! Those frames are from Michael's crafts :)


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