We Finally Braved the Toddler Bed Transition

You guys, we've been putting this off for a while.

It's been months since Rowan first started crawling out of his crib, but we weren't quite ready to parent a toddler who could freely exit his beloved crib and get into whatever the eff he wanted.

So we did the glamorous thing by putting his mattress on the floor (propped up super professionally by a few blankets to limit the gap) and kept him in his baby cage for a while longer.

We always had an excuse for putting off the transition... mostly traveling but other weekends it was because we liked our sleep too much.

But finally this weekend we ripped off the bandaid. Rowan was extra tired and cranky for whatever reason his two year old self wanted to be cranky about... and I was regretting our decision immediately. Our kid does not like change!

And guess what?


He even gave us a 4 hour nap on Sunday. (Cue the Hallelujah chorus)

I know what you're thinking.... He probably just hasn't discovered how fun it is to take out all 345 of his books or escape from his room just yet. But just let me have this one for now, okay?

Because honestly...  It makes me really sad.

We also removed his changing pad from his dresser (he is way too tall for it) so in one weekend it feels like all that was left of his nursery are gone. Cue the ugly mom tears. I do admit I'm excited to start designing his big boy room though!

In the meantime... moms of toddlers - did you turn around the lock on their bedroom door so they can't get out and roam? We have a gate at the top of our steps so I'm debating leaving the door lock the way it is until he gets smart and scares the shit out of us in our bed one night or stuffs Olaf down the guest bathroom toilet.

PS You may notice the blog got a facelift!! Bear with me while I iron out the kinks (and maybe someday add all of my social media links?) but hopefully you all love the more streamlined design!


  1. Ah, I was not ready to switch to a toddler bed either! We moved all the furniture out since we can't secure it to the walls (they are brick) and we turned the lock around -- but if our toddler sees us in the middle of the night, she's then up for 4+ hours! So far it hasn't been terrible! Hope it stays easy for you guys!

    1. Oh man.. that's totally what would happen if Rowan saw us too! We tried to turn the lock but our knobs are complicated (or maybe we don't know what we are doing?? haha could totally be the case) so thankfully we have a gate at the steps just in case! I just feel like they grow up SO fast once we take away the crib!! :(

  2. Love the new look! Our bed transition resulted in a no nap Sunday which led to a 5:00 pm crash and a delayed bedtime. Woof. He sleeps pretty well during the night, so fingers are still crossed. Glad you're experiencing a much better transition! Is R potty trained already too?! Jealous. We haven't done anything with locks, but we need to figure out a solution for L being able to turn the lights on. :( lol.

  3. yah! im so glad that rowan did ok in his new bed! we stillll need to change Vi's bed but anytime we talk to her about taking the crib down she says NOOOOO haha so maybe we'll wait another month. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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