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Is there anything better than the first day of September falling on a Friday? Maybe if was October... but we're getting there!

The past two weeks have been nothing short of crazy, and to be honest blogging just seemed trivial when you see all that is happening with Hurricane Harvey. Its been heavy on my heart to watch what all of those Houston families are going through, but I'm so hopeful seeing the tremendous amount of support in both donations and volunteers from all over heading there to help. They aren't out of the woodwork by any means, but its good to see the country coming together for these people like it has.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share some recent favorites because it's been a while!!

Sweater (Similar.. both on sale!)

ONE. This week marks the end of my second trimester! Things are getting reallll!

TWO. New favorite small shop- Mebie Baby. I think finding cute swaddles for boys has been so challenging, so I can't wait to scoop up the vines swaddle when it comes back in stock. Girl mamas... someone get the blush swaddle so I can live vicariously through you!

THREE. These peanut butter apple oatmeal cookies are my new favorite. I swapped out all allspice for pumpkin spice and added about an extra cup of flour (yes a whole cup!) to make them really fluffy, and dang they may be the perfect Fall cookie!

FOUR. PSA Target Dollar Spot has all of the Halloween things! I got totally sucked in but I'll be super pregnant by then so I don't feel bad one bit planning in advance, especially since we're hosting a Halloween party this year and I'll have so much to do as it gets closer!

FIVE. We have our maternity photos coming up and I'm in panic mode trying to get our outfits together! I've been loving flowy maxi dresses in maternity sessions so I bought this ASOS lace maxi and another similar to this but I was really hoping for more of a casual, floral maxi so if anyone has seen one that would work, please share!

SIX. Rowan's big boy mattress was delivered and he's stoked about jumping on it... verdict is still out whether he'll give up his toddler bed! I'm so happy he'll have an all natural, chemical-free mattress to sleep on c/o My Green Mattress. Will share more info next week but if you're in the market, don't miss their Labor Day sale this weekend where you can get $50 off (or more) this bed!

Also, boy mamas I need all of your potty training advice!

Rowan has learned that he can extend bedtime by asking to go to the potty after we read our last book... among his many other stall tactics. I'm curious if other kids do the same and how you handle it? Any mamas recommend the 3-day training with boys? I'm not sure if I'm ready for it yet but it would be nice to get one out of diapers before the next babe comes along!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Ohh my gosh I need to try those cookies ASAP! Can't believe you're already headed into 3rd tri, baby will be here before you know it!


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