One Room Challenge Week 2 :: Decision Week

It's been a busy week over here, and not just in the nursery department!

I've been working feverishly to edit newborn and family photo sessions, fitting in work on the nursery closet when I can, so the bulk of the nursery progress has been the behind the scenes details! 

So many little things came together this week including the nursery bedding and I finally placed the order for the House of Belonging sign I've been wanting!

I'm so excited to start seeing some of the room shape up but I need your input! Before I ask you guys for help, here are a few sneak peeks from the room including a major deal I got on the most gorgeous rug!

My original plan was to bring in some navy to pop against the white walls and furniture but when I came across this Lulu & Georgia Enzo Rug in the color Dove with 25% off for their Anniversary sale, I couldn't pass it up! (Use code HBD for the 25% off!) I'm so obsessed with the quality of it and the raised design, it's so classic and perfect for a gender neutral nursery! 

Another big purchase was a new nightstand! My husband thinks I'm crazy for replacing the current one because I actually really love it, but I wanted to bring some wood tones into the room to break up the white. The PBK friends and family sale plus free shipping to the store finally convinced me to go for it with this Stella Side Table

PBK Charleston Rocker
The only thing harder than picking a shade of grey paint is picking a shade of white paint. I'm struggling! If you saw my Instagram stories last week, you know the limited lighting in the nursery highlights the hue in paint colors really easily... especially green hues that I didn't even know were there in the first place! 

Right now Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore is painted in giant swatches around the room, but after seeing the rug, I'm thinking maybe there will be too much white? Should I just pick my favorite grey and have it lightened by 50-75% to get the look I'm going for? Serious first world problems over here. 

I also picked up this super popular Target mirror and I'm planning to use some Rub n' Buff to make it silver to match the rest of the hardware in the room. Has anyone used Rub n' Buff before?! As much as I love the gold color I think the silver will be much better in this space! 

And last but definitely not least I have to hand it to my husband for installing the rest of the built-in shelves for the closet!! I am SO STOKED about how it looks so far!! I'm in the process of caulking all of the seams, painting it, and then adding the closet rods. Hopefully I'll have a tutorial and finished photos for next week! 

But here's where I need your help... I am planning on painting the shelving white, but should I also paint the walls white while I'm at it? 

I'm torn because I like the grey but painting everything white will definitely make the process easier (aka I can be more lazy with my painting.. ha!). 

Here's the current to-do list! 
Can't wait to see the progress from the rest of the ORC participants this week, stop by Calling it Home to take a look!


  1. It's looking good so far! The built-ins look great, I'd paint the shelving & wall the same colour in that area. I know what you mean about feverishly trying to get it all done before the baby comes.

  2. I LOVE that rug!! gorgeous find! and keep us posted on how that rub and buff stuff works! we have a lot of silver in our house and I'd like to update a few gold pieces to match. xo jillian

  3. I'm usually all about interesting paint, but you're being so ambitious with your project - make your life easier and just do the white! all the silver accents will really pop against it :)

  4. I love everything you've picked - the rug, the bedding, the sign! So gorgeous!

  5. What on earth is rub and buff?! I've never heard of it!


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