One Room Challenge Week 3 :: DIY Nursery Closet Shelving

It's week three of the One Room Challenge and I'm SO happy to say that one of the biggest parts of the nursery is finally finished!

Behold, our DIY built-in closet shelving!

When I originally designed our older son's nursery, I picked up a bunch of matching baskets in two different sizes to help sort all of the baby things in the closet of our then-rental house. Fast forward to our new home, I wanted something that was tailored specifically to hold these baskets and make the nursery closet more functional.

In week one, I showed you the 'before' image with wire shelving and baskets sitting aimlessly all over the floor of the nursery.

These shelves took up much more time than we anticipated during the building process because as it turns out, it's hard to follow anyone else's DIY plans when your closet isn't the exact same dimensions.

So we loosely followed these Ana White plans and in true amateur DIY fashion, we had some issues along the way... mostly just little things that kept slowing us down, having to borrow tools from friends, or needing to make 5 trips to Lowe's in one day.

My husband was a trooper and built all of this for me based on my hasty measurements and horribly out-of-scale drawing. He even agreed to my last minute add on of the trim, which I think makes a big difference in giving the shelving a finished look!

Once everything was secured to the wall, I got to work caulking all of the seams and painting.

I used leftover Sherwin Williams ProClassic Acrylic Enamel paint (not sponsored) in extra white for the shelving, which we also used on our dining room wainscoting. It has a nice glossy finish and I thought it would be perfect to reduce the wear and tear from the baskets.

Last week I asked if I should paint the walls white as well, or leave them grey. Y'all overwhelmingly voted to keep them grey in my Instagram stories poll, and I tried... I really did! Here is what it looked like after painting the shelves only.

The problem was even with painters tape, I had a bunch of areas that needed touched up. And because I'm a detail person, I couldn't just let them go! Soooo I painted everything white!

The walls actually still need another coat of paint (so don't look too close!) but I'm glad I went for it with the all white.

I still need to do some organizing but I'm so excited to see all of these sweet baby things hanging in there!! The DIY closet shelving also makes my Type A-self so, so happy.

Here's where we currently stand with our nursery makeover!

If anyone is interested in a full DIY breakdown of what we did, let me know and I can put more detailed info together! Now I'm off to read some more of the ORC week three recaps!!


  1. yah! these look SO Good!! way to go guys!

  2. Oh how I need this for my three kid's closets. This will make such a big difference I'm sure, so cute :) Best of luck for the rest of ORC! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

  3. Closet looks great! My husband merely hinting at suggesting building out the closet in my ORC room and I shut that down with a quickness. Super impressed. Going to try to modify a system in my hastiness!

  4. the all white looks great in the end! you guys did a great job :)


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