Favorite Small Shops for Baby

I've been wanting to put together this post for such a long time and finally managed to round up my favorite small shops, just in time for the holiday sales coming up!

I know it can sometimes be hard to stomach the cost of shopping small, but quality over quantity is huge to me these days! It feels like our closets are bursting at the seams so with this babe I was really picky and focused most of my shopping on small shops and handmade items, which was easier to do the second time around once you already have most of the basics.

FYI This is not a sponsored post, but I am including affiliate links! I just genuinely love these brands and I always love finding new shops, especially on Instagram, so I'm hoping some of you do too!

Windy Knits Co. (Instagram) - The most beautiful hand knit blankets! Seriously y'all, Brooke (who is the sweetest!) makes these by herself and they are so incredibly soft, I can't wait to use our Arbor Blanket c/o for our winter babe. The blankets go quick so keep an eye out on IG for drop dates or pick up some other sweet little details like bows, teethers, and Paci clips.

Little Sapling Toys (Instagram) - I have purchased so many things from this shop and love the quality so much! We have a toy wooden truck, personalized name blocks, personalized Christmas ornaments, and the alphabet print c/o above.

Mebie Baby (Instagram) - A new favorite for swaddles! I love the gender neutral vines swaddle and could buy pretty much all of the others if my husband wasn't already questioning my swaddle obsession.

Max + Moose (Instagram) - Another new swaddle favorite! We have the blue spruce swaddle and I love the dusty blue color so much + the stretchy, soft material.

Briar Handmade (Instagram) - I'm loving the bonnet trend lately... so timeless and sweet on newborns especially, but I can totally foresee myself picking up another one or two in the next size up!! 

Candy Kirby Designs (Instagram) - Loving this soft gown with the tie bottom... will be super easy for diaper changes! 

Mushybooks (Instagram) - I've raved about these before here and here but I just love how simple and beautiful they are! 

Childhoods (Instagram) - The cutest comfy apparel for kids! The boy clothing is just as good as the girls', I personally can't wait for their Black Friday sale!

Bannor Toys (Instagram) - Another wooden toy shop that I love! We have the circle stacker and a helicopter in R's room. They make great gifts!

Fin + Vince (Instagram) - Super cute linen clothing for boys and girls with a bit of a vintage look! I was so tempted to buy one of their knit rompers for this babe this winter, but I held off for next year when he will be moving and get more use out of it! Until then I'll be saving up for overalls and whatever gorgeous summer pieces come out.

Happy Hadley Handmade (Instagram) -  Another shop with precious vintage-looking clothing for boys and girls. Also a favorite for bonnets and cute accessories!

So excited to hear what some of your favorite small shops are! I know there are a ton for girls, but for boys its a little more difficult!

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  1. I always love hearing about new small shops! I love supporting small businesses, thanks for these recs!


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