Life with Two, So Far

Life the past two months has been absolute chaos, in the best way possible.

Though the exhaustion level is high and our patience has been tested, I cannot imagine life without these two little boys. Seriously, life is just so much sweeter with them.

I've had so many questions from friends expecting their second about what the transition from one to two has been like for our family.

The newborn phase is so fleeting, I've tried so hard to really soak it all up this time around. That's partly why the blog has been quiet- just trying to be completely present with our family.

Having a new baby over the holiday season makes it feel like your days are in fast forward and we tried to make sure Rowan didn't miss out on anything while getting to know our newest babe. Spoiler alert, Finn likes nothing that Rowan did as a newborn. ha! More on that later!

With your first you're so focused on learning how to be a parent (and getting used to a drastic change in your lifestyle), but with the second I've found its much easier to step into that role and enjoy it. I've given myself more grace than I ever have, set aside the to-do lists more than my Type-A self would like, and just embraced what time I have with Finn to ourselves while big brother is at school.

Finn is 110% a different baby than his brother. I'm pretty sure he's going to be our trouble maker. He busts out of every swaddle and shows zero interest in sleeping through the night anytime soon. For the first month he nursed constantly, refused to sleep without someone holding him, and screamed through entire car rides. Kid was seriously crazy.

But thankfully everything with kids is a phase (something I didn't realize the first time around!) and he's gotten so much better! We're getting big smiles from him, he's killing it at tummy time, and we're starting to see his happy little personality come through.

And you guys, Rowan has settled into his role as a big brother so well. He smothers Finn with kisses and hugs, loves to tickle him and repeats everything we say to Finn in the sweetest baby voice.

Let's be real though, the first two weeks were a tough transition for our first born. R seemed to revolt against my mom who was here helping us out, still has major FOMO at bedtime, and has tested us so much more than usual. I think part of that is just his age (seriously how will he be 3 next month?!) and we knew to prepare ourselves for that.

His genuine excitement to play with Finn, and Finn's big smiles when Rowan is near, makes my heart so, so happy.

I know, I'm being really sappy, but to those who are prepping for baby number two, know that the many sweet moments will far outweigh the tantrums. The newborn fog will lift but until then, hold your babies. Let the playroom be in shambles and dishes sit in the sink. Today is the smallest your babe will ever be again, so soak it all in mama!


  1. aww this is such a sweet post and it makes me SO excited for baby F to arrive :) and I'll try to take your advice and soak up every minute with our little girl and try to forget about the laundry and dishes!! I'm so happy Rowan is loving his little brother -- he sounds like such a great big bro!

  2. Beautiful, friend! You are settling into your role as mama of two wonderfully 😊

  3. I am so not ready! But I am so ready!! SOMEONE HOLD ME!!!

  4. Gosh this just warms my heart!! Precious memories!


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