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We finally had a day without rain (yay!) so we took the boys for a stroll around the Charleston waterfront in the hopes of cooling off by the Pineapple Fountain. Though our toddler was uncooperative on so many levels, the heat was even worse.

Summer is here, my friends, and its not letting up anytime soon. Woof.

I've been attempting to dress my kids in whatever keeps them cool in these hot temps, but until recently I've had to assure Rowan he does not want to wear his rain boots in 90+ degree weather.

So when he finally switched gears and now repeatedly asks to wear his new Humble Soles Mateo sandals, I consider that a major mom win.

If you've been around here often, you know I don't take on a lot of sponsored posts and when I do, its only for brands that I truly love and shop at on my own dime (or not sponsored at all like this post).

So when I stumbled upon the Humble Soles a few months ago and saw the cutest eyelet sandals, handmade by artisans in Nicaragua, I immediately sent the link to my friend Jill who has two girls. I knew she'd love the style, but even more I knew she'd love the brand like I do.

Ten percent of your Humble Soles purchase goes toward children in Nicaragua - when you buy you get to choose whether it goes toward feeding a child, their home, or their education.

They are light weight and the soft leather seems to be getting more comfortable with every wear, which I think is why Rowan loves them so much.

And though my toddler is completely unaware of this, the details are so beautiful! Look at that stitching! I just can't believe these are handmade.

Some of my other favorite fair trade items sold by the Humble Soles are Nikko sandals for mama, this precious dress (seriously girl moms- someone get this since I can't!!), lovies, and this gorgeous macrame swing gives me all the heart eyes!

Read more about the story behind the Humble Soles brand here and check their Instagram for sales and new product info!

Thank you to the Humble Soles for graciously providing a pair of sandals for this review. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own, in fact I already placed my order for little brother sandals!

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