SOS: Teething has taken over our house

This post is sponsored by QALO and The Motherhood. As always, all thoughts and 
opinions are my own.

Teething has taken over in full force here, my friends. 

Its one of those things you push to the back of your mind once your toddler pops that last molar, burying it in the depths of your brain that also store the memories of sleepless nights and a tiny babe who screamed for entire car rides. 

Finn is approaching the 9 month mark (seriously how am I even typing that out right now?!) and he's honest to God been cutting the same top tooth for 2 months. 

2 months! 

The desperation for relief (for all of us quite frankly) has led me to a million different teethers. Wood teethers. Silicone teethers. Banana-shaped teethers. You name it. 

But guess what? All of those end up on the floor more than they do in my kid's mouth. 

So when I heard QALO was launching a new line of silicone teething necklaces I jumped on the chance to try them out. 

My babe is attached to my hip at all times of the day anyway, so why not give him something other than my hair to chew on?

My husband and I both wear QALO rings almost daily, so I love adding these necklaces to an outfit especially if I know I'll be babywearing that day. 

And bonus... You can actually put these on the top rack of your dishwasher to clean and sterilize!

I try to keep at least one of the QALO silicone teething necklaces in the nursery at all times because we're in that stage where changing diapers is like wrestling an alligator. This usually keeps him busy long enough to dress him.  

The other necklace is hanging by our keys ready to grab as I run out the door with the boys. 

QALO has three designs, the V pendant (which I have in grey), the Hex and Barrel (I have white marble and grey), and a dog tag design which would be perfect for Dad! The neutral colors are a win too. 

Both the V pendant and dog tag can be personalized, so I thought it would be fun to put both of my boys' initials on mine!

Each necklace is made of 100% food grade silicone with a nylon paracord band that breaks free if pulled really hard, and is free of BPA, PVC, and other chemicals that I can't pronounce.

I found that Finn loves when I put these in the refrigerator so I try to do that when I remember!

Okay mamas what are your other teething tips and tricks? Send them my way!

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