Last Minute Shoppers' Gift Guides for Kids :: 4 and Under

And just like that we're only 8 more sleeps until Christmas!

This year has been completely crazy in our household and even though I had the boys' gifts purchased super early, I'm still that last minute shopper looking for toys for my niece and finding all the things for family members on Amazon Prime.

Just in case I'm not the last one scrambling, I wanted to put together all of our favorite things for the boys and what we're getting them!

We really try to stick to the have, need, want, wear rule - especially now that we have two kids and Finn is feeling those second child vibes with all of his hand me downs.

The biggest thing for us this year was sticking to things the boys can do outside, STEM toys, or help them develop their fine motor skills or prep for Kindergarten.

The good news is ALL of these items can be ordered with free two day shipping or guaranteed Christmas delivery, AND the towel can even be monogrammed (we did this for both boys!) by tomorrow (the 18th) and deliver on time!

These are all items that Finn either uses on a daily basis or that we purchased for him for Christmas!

The grippies are Santa's gift to him this year and we're so excited because they are his favorite toy at daycare. The textures and size are great for little hands, but its also a magnetic building toy similar to Magnatiles (or Picasso Tiles which are the same thing but cheaper- we totally ordered those for Rowan!).

Another favorite are the little booties- perfect stocking stuffer for baby's first Christmas or even new walkers. The grips are great on the bottom and they actually stay on which is something I can't say about any socks in this house!

For our almost 4 year old, his big gift this year is a bicycle. He's been talking about it for weeks and managed to visit with Santa without tears just so he could ask for a "Captain America bike."

With him being at home with me instead of school though, I really wanted to add to our collection of toys that he can help develop those Kindergarten skills. He's so smart and loves to learn, so STEM toys were also a must!

I have talked about it before, but the Kindergarten Toolkit has been an amazing resource! You can order TODAY for guaranteed delivery!!

Even if you don't homeschool, the toolkit includes letter, number, shape, and sight word flashcards, a whiteboard with a marker, chalk (which we've really turned into a learning tool on days we can play outside), and a booklet that explains the 10 goals for prepping for Kindergarten. It gives you ideas how to use the toolkit to help achieve those goals with your littles!

We also have all of the items above- I'm a big fan of the Green Toys brand and any wood puzzles but especially this one for older toddlers. With two boys they have held up so well!

Also, YAY for bath squirters that you can take apart to clean instead of throwing out because of mold! Those are stocking stuffers for sure this year.

For stockings I also grab easy things like toothbrushes, socks, and underwear, but will be throwing the bath paint in Rowan's stocking this year too. I pick them up anytime I see them (look in the Target dollar spot!) because they don't stain the tub and are a super easy cleanup!

This might be my favorite Christmas season yet even though its been absolutely chaotic! Lots of coffee getting me to my late night Amazon prime orders... ha! Anyone else?!

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