Somehow its October all of a sudden and I couldn't be more excited about it.

The boys and I kicked off Fall with a quick trip to visit my parents up north, and we happened to be there the opening weekend of the pumpkin patch! Northern pumpkin patches and festivals are SO different than ours here in Charleston, namely because we sweat at ours even at the end of October. 

With our Southern blood it was a little chilly that morning (which I was so looking forward to during our trip) so we headed to the patch in sweatshirts. By the time we got there it had jumped about 20 degrees and we ended up sweating anyway. Jokes on me! Ha. It reminded me of that Britney Spears meme where she is drenched in sweat and it says we jumped the gun on the whole Fall clothing thing. 

Anyway the boys had a blast. We picked pumpkins for Grammie and Pappy's house, ate apples straight from the orchard, left with about a pound of corn kernels in the boys' shoes, and a little bit of sunburn on our cheeks. 

Since I flew solo with the kids, I tried to pack as minimally as possible which meant I could only pick one camera to bring with me. So, I opted for film. 

There was a risk none of the photos would come out, but thankfully I did something right and I love them. 

When we got on the tractor ride the driver was telling us about all the things that could go wrong,  including when he forgot to put four wheel drive on and slid down the hill to the patch.

It was very reassuring... but we made it. ha.

I've got a crazy busy Fall season but I intentionally carved out a few weekends for travel this year and I'm so excited to share where we are headed!! Helllllo kid-free vacation! 

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