Master Bedroom Redo

I feel sad for our master bedroom. Its so... blah! There are two things keeping me from redoing it: One is the hubs thinks this mish-mash of colors and design (if you can even call it that) is acceptable and two- I'm extremely indecisive.

With the help of Pinterest, I'm slowly starting to narrow down some ideas to give our bedroom a light, romantic feel. I keep coming back to white duvet covers because all of the bedrooms I really like tend to have white bedding. Do these people have husbands pets? Bleach can only do so much, right? But, I digress...

I'm a little embarrassed to share these "before" photos, but maybe a little public humiliation will get the ball rolling. Keep in mind we're renting and we don't necessarily want to buy a bunch of furniture that may not fit or work in our next place. I've determined we need to get a headboard and we finally have a dresser that I'm going to redo (seen in yesterday's post here).

Look at all that space! We can do "SO many activities!" (Step Brothers, anyone?)

Now this part of the room is just... laughable. We purchased these two Ikea Rast dressers so I painted them antique white and switched out their hardware. But they are SO tiny! Hubs picked them up for me so I didn't see how small they were in person. I don't understand how any normal, human-sized clothes would fit in these! Not sure how long we'll be keeping them around....

Also, just so you know, I'm aware that our 16x20 canvas looks ridiculous by itself on that wall. I'm thinking of doing a small gallery wall with more photos and art because that just isn't cutting it.

My plan for the current brownish-black Ikea furniture is to paint it white and I'm hoping to find a cute vanity or desk I can use with the chair I showed you here.The lamps will be replaced with mercury glass lamps like the one I told you about here.

When all is said and done, I hope our bedroom looks something like the inspiration below. I'm borrowing heavily from Suburbs Mama's master seen here. Unfortunately her Z Gallerie bed costs more than my entire budget for the master bedroom, so there's that.

Headboard: I think I'll probably start with purchasing the headboard and then pick out the pillow fabrics once I see the headboard color in person. I really love wingback tufted headboards and this is the cheapest I can find. It has decent reviews and I'm hoping Joss and Main will have a Skyline Furniture sale again soon so I can maybe get it for less. I contemplated a DIY headboard but I don't know if I'm up for that challenge right now.

Wall Color: I don't want to repaint our bedroom since we're renting so this is my best guess at the color that is currently on the walls. This swatch is Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Ikea Hemmes Nightstand: We already have two of these so I'll probably paint them and change the hardware. If not, I may move the Ikea Rast dressers over to serve as nightstands.

Bedding: I like this Pottery Barn duvet set in Porcelain Blue and this coverlet is similar to what I already have. 

Monogram Pillow: Definitely adding a monogram throw pillow like this one. The interlocking monogram reminds me of our wedding invitations :)

Other Pillows: I love the two patterns (left and right) above but I also found a bunch more on Etsy that might work so this is probably my biggest issue. I think I'll wait until the headboard is delivered so I can compare my fabric swatches. 

Lamp: As you know I already found one mercury glass lamp with a light grey lamp shade. World Market has a similar lamp bases here and Target has a similar shade here.

So what do you think? Do I need more pattern? Too boring? Has anyone done a DIY headboard? I'm too intimidated to try one right now, the hubs and I have pathetic construction skills!


  1. The wall color looks great!

    1. Thank you! We lucked out and didn't have to paint that ourselves!

  2. We use the 3 drawer Rast dressers for our nightstands! they're perfect for that (for now ;-))

    1. I just switched them with our previous side tables and love them there!! Good call and thanks for the idea!! :)

  3. Thanks Jennifer!! I've been wanting a skyline wingback bed so I'm totally jealous! That is a great deal for a King bed, I will definitely check out that website. Thank you!!! :)


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