Birthday Gifts & Our Late-20's Crisis

Happy Hump Day! Its been a really busy week here between my 9 to 5 and all of the other items on my to-do list, including a DIY project that I'll hopefully be able to share tomorrow! Unfortunately the gym has fallen to the bottom of the list thanks to some hip pain I'm having... better start popping the joint supplements now!

Today I wanted to share some manly gift ideas in honor of my husband's birthday which is coming up next week. I drew up this little do-da on our chalkboard last night... I'm still working on perfecting my chalk-writing skills.

We've had quite a few discussions recently about getting older. Yesterday our conversation went like this:

Steve: "We're almost to the age where people will look at us and think, 'Hey they look good for their age'"
Me: "No we're not! That doesn't happen until like, 40, after kids have tired you out"
Steve: "No it happens at like 32 or 33 years old"
Me: "Okay well you are only turning 28, but no one says that when you're in your 30s"

That was me being calm about inching closer to 30.... A few weeks ago I started panicking about how we haven't bought a house yet (nevermind we've moved 3 times in 4 years and wouldn't even know where to look at this point), we haven't traveled enough (which prompted extensive planning for an Italy/France trip seen here), and then of course the babies that are popping out of pretty much everyone on Facebook lately. And no, we haven't planned and/or started on that last one yet... in case you are wondering!

Whenever I get gifts for someone, I like everything to follow a theme. It bothers me when my theme gets thrown out of whack... like when my husband picked out button down shirts from the outlet that clearly did not go with the sports theme I already planned. So here are a two themed gifts I thought I'd share :)

I would also probably throw in a new golf glove, tees, shoe fresheners, and other little accessories that he might need!

My husband loves J. Crew clothes, and since we've been in South Carolina we've seen a lot of Vineyard Vines clothing that he said he likes too. I guess the preppy look is his style. True story- he tried out to be an Abercrombie model when he worked for them in college. ha! That would have been hilarious seeing him on the shopping bag! We obvs. still make fun of him for this. :)

Does anyone else do themed gifts? Or do I just put too much thought into these things? haha!


  1. Love your theme outfits! My husband loves to fly fish so I usually get him fishing things. He also loves Gap so I get a mix of clothing, fishing and a few magazines. I think a little sampler of gifts covers everything they like!

    1. Thanks Nicole! That is a good idea with the fishing stuff, I think its probably like golf where he can always use something!

  2. I love doing themed gifts! I even try to keep the theme in the wrapping!

    1. Oh I love that! I don't normally have luck funding matching wrapping but I keep some brown kraft paper around and then use jute twine, bakers twine, or something like that to add some color!

  3. what program do you use to put together your list?
    the gold list is great. just what i was looking for!

    1. Thank you! I use Pixlr and PicMonkey to put these kinds of boards together! You can find good tutorials for both if you google them :)


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