13 Dozen Cookies.

That's what I did this weekend. I baked 13 dozen (or more) cookies. I didn't count exactly, but I know it was at least that. My back hurts. My feet hurt. And to make up for all of the cookie-tasting I've been doing, I hit the gym. Which might also be why I feel like my legs might fall off.

For someone who prides myself on my baking abilities, it had an ugly start. Very. Ugly.

Saturday was a rainy day, perfect for finally getting a start on my Christmas cookies. My mom, aunts, and grandma were getting together hundreds of miles away to make one of my favorite cookies, lady locks. I was bummed I couldn't be there to taste test help so I got started on my own assortment:

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies with Almonds
Sugar Cookies
Chocolate-Covered Pretzies (not included in the cookie count)

Typically my family makes a lot more cookies than this (see more about our wedding cookie table) but with my lack of time and patience, a picky husband, and someone who has no self control because she works 10 feet from the refrigerator... I stuck to the easy ones.

First, I was grossly unprepared for the cookies I planned to make. I ran out of almost every ingredient, at different times, prompting several trips to Publix within two days. I'm pretty sure the employees there thought I had some sort of problem.

My brand new flex-edge beater for my mixer didn't fit. Not a game changer, but it would have been nice. Then, I knocked over my vanilla extract and about a fourth of the bottle (everything that was left) ended up on my kitchen counter. The sad part is, I did the exact same thing this summer while baking. What the?!

I also tossed the entire first batch of buckeyes because I didn't like the peanut butter mixture.

It was at this point that I started drinking.

My setup.

Luckily, I have a fantastic husband who helped decorate the sugar cookies. When I do them myself, they usually start out really cute and by the end it looks like a sprinkle container barfed on them. Actually, it kind of still looks like that... but I still love you for helping, hubby!

In the end, I am so happy to have these cute little boxes to give to our friends and neighbors.

Today I embark on my last baking spree: pizzelles. My recipe makes hundreds of the damned things, so that should be approximately 534 hours of fun. But they are worth it. Wish me luck! Has anyone finished their holiday baking? What is your favorite recipe?!


  1. Ha! I love your beer alongside the baking. I had some friends over this weekend to bake, and I made sure we had plenty of mimosas on hand to thank them for their work!

  2. Your baking style is just like mine, with a drink in hand! The boxes are adorable and I'm sure your friends, fam & neighbors will be loving you for the sweet treats!

  3. I need you to come over to my house and bake some cookies for me! We're having a cookie exchange at work on Wednesday and I have to bake 7 dozen! UGH!! It would be so much easier if I had a Kitchen Aid Mixer I swear!!

  4. We made a ton of cookies this weekend as well! I think I made myself sick last night from taste testing too much of the batches!

  5. I'm only halfway through. I plan on making sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms and gingerbread cookies this week into next week. I like to serve them fresh. I made some for guests we had over the weekend and they are mostly gone :)

    1. Oh yum, I wish I had time for PB blossoms this year!! I'm impressed you can manage to do all that the week of Christmas... kudos! :)

  6. Replies
    1. I wish you were too, I'd totally be pawning them off on you so I don't eat them! haha :)

  7. you are a champ! such sweet gifts for your loved ones!

  8. How cute are your cookie boxes? I just love all the little details you put into making everything so special! Hopefully you get to eat a few cookies yourself :-)

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend... Minus all the frustrations. ;-)

  10. SO cute!!! i love the packaging, totally makes the gift (even though I'm sure the cookies are delicious enough in themselves!)

  11. Girlfriend!! I laughed so hard about the frosting of sugar cookies...

    For me, there are 3 phases when it comes to frosting cookies -
    1) my beautifully perfect vision
    2) the first 10 cookies I frost (which take like an hour and only turn out looking a little okay)
    3) my wine cookies... all the cookies that I gave up on and became more interested in drinking wine than frosting!

  12. Wow, I am impressed. I have baked no cookies this year =( I'm pretty depressed about it, but I just haven't had the time!


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