Dear DC...

You were a ton of fun, but I'm so glad to be home.

After multiple flight cancellations, changes, and delays, I finally made it home late last night from my trip to DC.  It was such a long day and I shutter to think that lots of people had it much worse than I did. While I attempt to catch up on life today, I give you my weekend in photos and some of my favorite places to visit if you happen to find yourself in our beautiful Capitol!

Our weekend started off with the best ever Italian at my favorite place in Arlington, VA, called La Bettola Italiano. It's this tiny little place that is always kind of empty, but I can never understand why because their food is fantastic and is such a great price. I got baked tortellini (holy cheesiness) and my friend and I did some much needed catching up over wine.

On Saturday we took my Hybrid Dodge Charger rental (which was awesome but kind of intimidating to drive, by the way) and headed out to Virginia wine country to two of our favorite wineries... Barrel Oak and Aspen Dale.

Fabulous wine, fabulous scenery.

On Sunday, we headed to Georgetown to do brunch at Serendipity, do some shopping, and then visit the Capitol Building (my favorite in all of DC... though I might be partial) to see the Christmas tree. There were giant snowflakes falling while we were perusing our favorite shops and we were really taking in all of the Christmas decor.

The bottom photos are from a very eclectic coffee & sweets shop called Baked and Wired.
Freezing cold despite wearing multiple layers and looking puffy all day!
By the time we got to the Capitol we were getting pelted with ice crystals. So on our way to the metro, we stopped in the Botanical Garden to get warm for a bit. In my years of living in DC and working next door, I never went into the Botanical Garden. Truth be told, it wouldn't normally be my thing but when its 20 degrees outside and the inside is decorated with massive poinsettias, gourd replicas of DC monuments, and a bad ass train set, it's pretty great.

I hope you all had a great weekend and got into the holiday spirit like we did! See you back here tomorrow for another fun (and easy) Christmas project! 


  1. We have friends that moved to DC, and keep saying we need to go. Your photos, make me want to finally book a trip! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. What a wonderful trip! Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn is my absolute FAVORITE, and you are totally making me want to visit! I lived in Arlington to 2 years and never knew about that Italian place...we will have to go try it!

  3. Beautiful pictures from what looks like a GREAT trip.

  4. We took our son to the Zoo Lights and Botanical garden two years ago and to the Capitol Building tree at night last year. So pretty this time of year. You didn't hit up Georgetown Cupcakes?!?!

    1. We wanted to see the Capitol tree at night but the weather was getting really bad! I've been to Gtown Cupcakes before... I always order online early to skip the line :) We wanted to do Macaron Bee for dessert but totally forgot when the weather started deteriorating!

  5. Great photos! Is it sad that when I first read you were in the Capitol...I immediately thought of The Hunger Games? Glad you're back safe!

  6. How gorgeous does the Capital building Christmas tree look with all that snow!? I've never been to DC but wasn't aware of how pretty it is!

  7. I had no idea you used to live in DC!! That's where I grew up & were O and I lived before we moved to Kentucky!

  8. DC is a great city. Awesome pics! That Italian food looks really yummy and really authentic!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    FYI - giveaway at my blog

  9. Ooo... I'm glad you had a good trip! Nate and I are planning a trip to DC and NYC this spring so I'll have to remember some of these things to do. :-)

  10. Glad you had such a wonderful trip! I'm looking at that picture of the tortellini and can't believe how much cheese it's covered it! Lol. And those pictures of the botanical gardens are absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see them one day :)


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