Not Your Grandma's Hot Chocolate

Last week I shared our Christmas house tour with you all and I noted that I've had quite the hot chocolate obsession this year. So much so that I converted our liquor stash area into a hot chocolate bar. Last night my husband and I decided to spike our hot chocolate, and with the assortment of mini liquor bottles we have, we had quite the variety for tasting. Today I wanted to share our favorite combination, which I'm warning you in advance makes you want to cozy up on the couch and go into a hot chocolate coma. Or maybe that's just us because we're totally getting old?!

I'm not going to be very technical about the directions, because honestly I didn't really measure exact portions. Its pretty sweet, so if you're going to skimp on anything, I'd say cut back on the cinna-sugar vodka.. it's got a ton of flavor!

Spiked Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

1 large cup of hot chocolate (you can use the packets if you want)
1 shot Cinna-Sugar Twist Vodka
1 shot Whipped Vodka
Dash of milk
Marshmallows and/or Whipped Cream
Cinnamon sprinkled on top

Basically just make your hot chocolate and add the vodka. Easy peasy!


I admit, I added a pirouette cookie to mine. There was so much cinnamon-y goodness in this cup, I promise you won't realize you've got two shots of liquor in there!

Anyone else spike their hot chocolate? No, just me? Oops. :)

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  1. Such a great combo! My favorite hot chocolate is salted caramel! I have no clue how to make it but I love it!

  2. YUM! Cheers to THIS! Would be the perfect signature holiday party drink!!! xx

  3. I have to try this out! I love that you have not one, but 2 vodkas! Woop woop!!

  4. We have some whipped cream vodka from our stock the bar shower and I added some to my hot chocolate last week! Great minds think alike! So yummy.

  5. Cinna-Sugar twist vodka?!? Yum. This sounds like the perfect Christmas treat.

  6. Gosh, that looks good! I don't drink, but you make it look so appealing! :)

  7. YES! the perfect holiday adult beverage and no one even has to know ;)

  8. What?! Cinna-Sugar twist vodka?! - I have got to try that... looks so yummy!!

  9. This looks like THE most delicious concoction ever!!!!! I NEED to make this!

  10. Aghhhh! Want. one now.

    Thanks for linking up;)

  11. Oh my goodness, spiked hot chocolate is my favorite!!!

  12. Yum! I do this with apple cider but not with hot chocolate! I am going to start!

  13. Mm mm mm!! Love me some hot cocoa!! This sounds divine...perfect drink for around the tree!! Thanks for linking up!! xx


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