Hello 2014!

Happy, happy New Year my friends. I hope that you had a fabulous, sparkly, and safe New Years Eve!

I have a confession to make.... I forgot to make plans for NYE. I'm usually so on top of planning things way in advance, but we've been on the go so much this holiday season and never committed to any plans. Lame, I know. 

After debating our options, we decided to have a low key NYE by staying home, playing some very competitive board games, and sipping on our favorite Barrel Oak wine and champagne.

South Carolinians sure love their fireworks though. I'm almost positive that every damn family within a 5 mile radius had fireworks. Seeing them from our back yard was great and all, but not for 6 straight hours. I think I might lose my mind if I hear another one!
Our little bar setup... complete with festive Target barware (got them 70% off!), paper straws, and a cute 2014 printable.
Aside from the constant barrage from fireworks, our night was perfect! Nothing like spending zero money ringing in the New Year with your best friend (and fur child), reflecting on our fantastic year and making big plans for the next! It was also kind of hilarious watching the "live" performances on the NYE shows.

As for the New Year, I've never really been a fan of making New Years resolutions because I tend to make them unattainable. I always get annoyed with resolutions because it makes the gym super packed for the first 2 months of the year. Although this year I'm one of those people... Oops.

Since I'm a compulsive list-maker and don't want to miss out on the opportunity, here are my realistic goals for the New Year:

Travel more. 
(Hello Italy and Paris in less than 3 months... woo!)

Decide where we want to settle down, no more moving around and renting.

Master manual mode on my camera. 

Save money. 
(Translation: stop going to Target so often)

Eat healthy and get toned.
(Translation: lose the Christmas cookie chub)

Be present and focus on what really matters.

Admittedly most of these are things I told myself I'd do at some point last year. Maybe by publicly throwing them out there, I'll keep to them!?

And finally, my ultimate goal for 2014...

This is pretty general but I think its a great phrase to live by in the New Year.

And as far as today goes, I'll be the person in the gym who looks like they might pass out running on the treadmill... wish me luck!

Do you make New Years resolutions or goals? 2013 was so good to us, but we are really looking forward to all that 2014 brings!

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  1. "Do Better" is my motto for this year too! Love your bar setup area!! Happy new year! :)

  2. Sometimes nights in are so much better!


  3. I love a good night in, we went to dinner with friends but were home by 9! Happy New Year!

  4. Good luck on your new year's resolutions! I agree that quiet NYE are the best (though ours was far from it this year). We were the obnoxious ones (in SC) shooting off fireworks ;)

    Xo, J

    1. Thank you, I'll probably need it! Glad you had a fun NYE!!

  5. oh, so true on the South Carolina fireworks! so, so true!

  6. Oh South Carolina fireworks...they are every where arn't they? I'm glad you are your hubby were able to celebrate the new year with just the two of you! Sometimes those are the best memories :-) Happy 2014!

  7. PERFECT NYE!!! That's exactly what we did in our house (minus the fireworks) & it was one of the best! I love your list & think that "Do Better" is great for 2014!! Good Luck in the gym! ;)

    PS...There's an incredible tutorial on Pinterest for mastering manuel on the camera! It taught me everything I know! ;)

  8. Your goals seem like a perfect match between realistic and challenging (especially that Target one!) And most definitely do not feel bad about being "one of those people" at the gym, anyworkout is a good one no matter if its on Jan. 1 or Dec. 1. Happy 2014!!


    1. You're right... the Target one is probably the hardest!! haha! I decided to do lunch workouts this week and its actually enjoyable, which I don't find myself saying much about running. :) Hope you had a great New Years!

  9. I prefer New Years eves spent in :). Good luck learning to shoot manual... It was definitely easier than I expected.

  10. i LOVE that Target barware...i almost bought it but convinced myself otherwise. If it were 70% off I might have just purchased, haha, happy new year!

  11. We had a night in since with kids its impossible to find a babysitter. We invited a few friends over and had a blast just chatting, barely noticed it was midnight soon.

    Good Luck with your goals!

    1. So glad you had a great NYE! And thank you, I'll need it! :)

  12. Love that bar ware and love your goal! I think we can all "do better". Cheers!

  13. Yes, I'd like to master manual mode on my camera too! I know it takes practicing, and I'm sure we will both get it in no time! Have fun in Italy and Paris - those are the top of my travel list!

    Happy New Year!

  14. I just found your blog love it!! I would also too like to master manual mode on my camera.. It seems like I say it often and now having a new baby I need to get better ;)

  15. I love your goals for the year!!! I hope 2014 is your best year yet!

  16. Love your goals and your translation. I need to stop going to Target as well. LOL Happy 2014!


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