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We're already halfway to the weekend y'all! Don't you love short weeks?! Since we're packing up for a little road trip to the Sunshine State this weekend, I've been frantically trying to cross some things off my trusty to-do list.

One thing I've been working on is a photo album of our Europe trip, which is taking me longer than I expected because A) I'm a perfectionist and B) I keep finding myself scrolling through pictures, drooling over the food we ate and wishing I had two weeks off of work again.

I remembered how hard it was for me to pack for unpredictable Spring weather, without completely over-packing and lugging massive suitcases around Italy. I usually lean more toward comfort for trips like this, I certainly wasn't the most fashionable in Paris, but I don't think I looked like a tourist which was a good thing.

Packing for Europe

Jackets/Blazers: I packed my favorite trench coat and although it was a little thin for the colder days we had in Paris, it was perfect for the majority of the trip! We were so lucky to only have 2 days with a little rain but it came in handy at night when it was a little cooler, even in Italy. If I wasn't wearing my trench, I had a navy blue 3/4 sleeve blazer that was easy to throw on if I was chilly.

Dresses: I love wearing dresses in general so I brought one along for the warmer days. Make sure it covers your shoulders, or bring a scarf to cover them, when you're heading to tour churches.

Pants: I packed two pairs of jeans and two pairs of leggings and it worked great with the Spring weather. I never had to wash my jeans and my leggings were easy to wash and hang to dry.

Tops: I brought two short-sleeve tees, two thin button downs, and two or three shirts with 3/4 sleeves. The longer sleeve shirts were my go-to on most days while we were in Italy so I didn't have to bring a jacket. I also wore a thin sweater around Siena and it was perfect in the morning.

Crossbody Bag: This was the number one thing all of my blog friends recommended and they were so right! I brought one big enough for my DSLR and another smaller one for the evenings when I didn't feel like bringing my camera.

Shoes: I debated taking my boots but was glad that I did because I needed them in Venice and Paris. I saved space in my luggage by wearing them on travel days. Pack a comfy pair of flats and some boat shoes or something similar for a more casual tourist day.

Jewelry: I didn't go too crazy on the jewelry while we were in Europe. I don't like bulky statement necklaces while I'm walking around all day but if you're into that, pack one that matches most of your outfits.

Scarves: These were probably the best accessory I packed! I had 3 scarves that I could mix and match with all of my outfits and with the cooler breeze in the Spring, I found myself wearing one almost every day.

We really got lucky with our weather and didn't need any warm clothes in Florence. Even Rome and Siena were in the low-70s and sunny on some days, so I found myself removing my scarf or blazer after a couple hours.

Camera Equipment: For my DSLR, I just packed my stock lens and the charger. It worked great for me since I'm a beginner and I feel like I captured a lot of great photos with it! I brought three memory cards and switched them out every couple of days. We used our phone cameras for any pictures we asked someone to take for us and my hubby got some amazing panoramic shots with his iPhone!

Don't forget an adapter! We brought two (found here and here) and they worked great in both Italy and Paris. You can use the two-prong adapters even if the wall socket fits a three-prong. Just don't force it and pull something straight out of Just Married.

If you're looking for help on packing your carry-on, make sure to check out my guest post over at Newlyweds:North!

Anyone have anything else to add?! I know some of you are planning trips to Europe this summer, so hopefully this will help a little even though you'll be dealing with much warmer weather than we did!


  1. I totally agree.... packing for a Spring trip to Europe was so hard! I wish I had this blog post in April of last year because these are great suggestions!!!

  2. I agree packing lots of scarves is the best tip ever. You can totally change the look of so many outfits.

  3. great tips! scarves and a great crossbody bag are essentials! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Love your outfits! I know how tough and long it's going to take to put albums together. It will take me years to get around to it. Ha

  5. I always go for more comfort (but still try to look put together) on trips. No heels for me! Love your outfit ideas and tips! We went to Italy during the spring a couple years ago and I packed similarly to you, but I'm a little lost on how the weather will be in Europe for late August/Sept!

  6. I'm so jealous of your Europe pics! I wish I would have brought my DSLR with me when I went but I didn't and I've regretted it ever since. Glad you guys had nice weather! I definitely always try to pack for comfort when I know I'm doing a lot of walking!

    <3, Pamela

  7. I have only been to Europe once but I was so horribly unfashionable. The photos are something we laugh at because we just were not equipped to look cute with huge backpacks on. I hope one day I can return with David and really do it right (clothing wise that is!)

  8. i love europe and you dressed so fashionable for your trip! a crossbody bag is a must!

  9. Absolutely love all of these outfits... And that trench is amazing! I need to get one - such a great piece!

  10. lol just married, i remember that movie!
    seriously, your list looks like my list for the upcoming australia trip for 'winter'. i am bringing one necklace to wear with a black dress for dinner, but i dont like wearing necklaces all day every day especially when i am walking around, so i am packing 3 scarves. they change up the outfit so well!
    loved this post and of course so freaking jealous of your trip.

  11. I am so bad at packing for big trips! Thanks for all of the suggestions. I will have to keep these in mind :)

  12. Seems like Europe is just as unpredictable as New England in the spring haha! I'm definitely taking notes on the shoes and scarves for our trip in July!!

  13. Looks like an awesome trip! The cross body bags are definitely the best for traveling, and I agree about scarves.. I wore them every day the last time we went to Europe!


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