Home Office Reveal

A few cans of spray paint and some pretty accessories later, my home office is officially complete! I still plan to add on to the gallery wall but after looking at the "before" photo, it's crazy how much brighter the space looks. I actually don't mind sitting my butt here to work all day! (Though lounging at the beach would be better, I guess I can't have it all, right?)

I think I came in $100ish for this redo, plus the chair... forgot about that! (If my husband asks, its definitely closer to $100). I would categorize it as a "Kate Spade taste on a Target dollar section budget" makeover and I'm really happy with how it came out!

Dark + Cluttered... Ew!

I loved this find on Pinterest for color inspiration! Since I needed to keep the rug I already had, I was excited to see the grey and gold together.


I decided not to paint the walls since we're renting. The light aqua color would have been a bit much since this room is open to our living area anyway. When we finally buy a house, you better believe my office is going to be a woman's version of a "man cave!"

If I could get rid of the double-screen computer I would, but that brings in the paycheck so I'm stuck with it's ugliness.

I debated spray painting my desk because its huge but it was worth it in the end. It was still much cheaper than buying it all over again in white and driving 4 hours to the nearest Ikea.  


So there it is! Probably the quickest room makeover I've ever done. What do y'all think, did I do okay?!

Desk: Ikea
Rug: Rugs USA
Chair: World Market
Pillow: DIY, fabric here
Task Lamp: Ikea
Tray: DIY, tutorial here
Gold scissors and stapler: Target
Acrylic Accessories: TJ Maxx and Amazon
Frames: Michael's
Chanel and Paris Prints: Vendor in Paris
Hustle Print: Charm and Gumption
State Print: DIY, tutorial here
Paint Strokes Art: DIY, tutorial here (I redid mine with smaller brushstrokes)
L'Amour Triomphe de Tout Print: Made by Girl (Originally 11x14, I had to resize it)


  1. LOVE it!! I can't wait to have an office area when we finally move!

  2. Wow, I love all your prints and I can't believe how great the spraypainting of the desk came out! Gorgeoussss

  3. Looks fantastic!! I love the fancy desk accessories and the prints!

  4. Love your gallery wall! Looks so good!! :)

    1. Thank you!! I spent so much time on that darn gallery wall.. haha!

  5. It looks great! What a huge difference the white desk makes. And I love all the gold accents and that brushstroke art!

  6. This looks great! I love your gallery wall and tray! I can't believe this was all only $100 (ish)! Great job.

  7. "I think I came in $100ish for this redo. (If my husband asks, its definitely closer to $100)", Hahaha...I would say the same thing! The updated office looks amazing! I love how bright and clean it looks.

  8. I love it!! The desk looks so much better lighter, really brightens up that space! I love the arrangement on the wall too, looks great!!

  9. The new office looks amazing! Love all the gold accents with the gray! Gorgeous!

    <3, Pamela

  10. This looks amazing! The white definitely did brighten up the space quite a bit! Did you have to prime the desk before you painted it, or you just put the spray paint right on? It looks like a brand new piece! Also, love all of your prints & how you arranged them!

  11. This is amazing!! I can't believe it's the same desk just a different color - crazy how that totally changes a room!! Love all the prints and the gold accents - totally how I would do my own office!

  12. Okay?! Girl, you did amazing! It's gorgeous, I couldn't love it more :)

  13. LOVE it!! It looks awesome! It's crazy what a difference the white desk makes in your room. Love all the girly touches as well. Amazing job!

  14. How adorable is your office?!?! This so makes me want to get back in my office planning mode...I totally dropped the ball after we bought all the furniture haha

  15. It looks wonderful! Love it! I would want to spend all of my time in there if I were you. The colors are perfect. I know what you mean about having a woman's 'man cave' one day when you buy your own house, I'm in the same boat :)

  16. Pinterest worthy for sure! And I can say that because I've seen it in person!

  17. Such a big difference! It's so cute! I would love to work in there as well! :)

  18. Such a difference!!! The white is so much brighter (obviously, but you know what I mean, ha!)

  19. It looks GREAT! Good job! and totally pinterest worthy!

  20. Looks great!!! I love how bright and cheerful it is. It makes me want to paint my office desk white ASAP!

  21. Love it!! And I would have never even realized that was the same desk - funny what a coat of paint can do! When we move into our new house, I'm going crazy girly for our office, can't wait!

  22. Your office looks great! I need to find some furniture to spraypaint! ;-)

  23. It looks great! I especially love the gallery wall!

  24. Wow! It looks great. Love that chair.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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