Favorites: July Edition

Happy Fourth of July week! I missed my Friday favorites last week so I thought I'd rope them into today's post! I'm linking up with Ally and Emily for some favorites for this month!

July always seems like the last month of summer to me. Schools don't start for another month, Fall clothes haven't hit the stores yet, it stays light outside until nine, and it's still hot as balls just about everywhere. Oh and if you're in South Carolina, folks are lighting up fireworks almost every night. We have a lot to look forward to this week, and July in general!

Here are some of my recent favorites, perfect for the summer and Fourth of July festivities!

One. Swim Suit Coverup.
Printed Caftan (Love this material, SO soft!)Also love this pineapple one!
We've got a cornhole tournament planned for my parents' party this weekend so I figured a new coverup would help me stay pool-party appropriate while hiding my muffin top after all of the hot dogs I'll be eating. 

Two. S'Mores and Sparklers.
S'Mores {via}, Sparklers {via}

I don't love marshmallows but I tolerate them because I have a major sweet tooth (in case you didn't already know) and I love sitting by the fire with my cousin's kiddos. Add some sparklers to the mix (or snappers/pop pops... anyone remember those?!) and you've got an excuse to act like a kid again for at least a few minutes.

I also love hobo pie makers. They bring back so many memories from when I was a kid making pizza sandwiches or grilled cheese on the campfire!

Three. Grilling!

I've already mentioned my love for summertime grilling but I can't pass up fun new grilling accessories like this Beer Can Chicken Roaster. You can use your favorite beer or even a soda, it makes the chicken so delish! I'm also really interested to try these cedar planks. Anyone use them before? Also, full disclosure... I don't actually do any of the grilling, but I like to shop and find random grilling accessories. ha!

Four. Free time.

I love being stress-free over the summer as opposed to the holiday craziness. It's so much easier to get together with friends this time of year! Speaking of, last night we had a little blogger date! It was so much fun doing drinks with Ally, Shelby, Megan, and Ashley, we definitely have to make this a regular thing. I know there are lots of other Charleston bloggers so if we missed you last night, make sure you join us next time! 

Five. Red Manicure.

Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Nail Color in Resilient Red
The only time outside of Christmas that I have red nails is for the Fourth of July! This Sally Hansen is my go-to red polish, the color is perfect and it stays on much longer than other brands in my experience (plus its cheap!).

For more fun July ideas, you can check out my favorite sorbet summer drink (toss in some champagne and it's perfection!), Summer Party Planning in Red, White, + Blue Style, and my favorite patriotic monogrammed bow tee.

Life As I Know It

What are some of your summer and July favorites? Anyone else having a big Fourth of July shindig?!


  1. Oh my gosh you all look so great for your blogger meet-up - so jealous!! Love the S'Mores and need to have some this weekend for sure! 10 day no chip - sign me up!

  2. So jealous of your blogger date last night!! I love all of your blogs and just recently found Shelby's yesterday actually from the Weekending link-up! I can't wait for some sparklers for the 4th and ready for the holiday weekend to be here already!!

  3. What a fun blog date! Oh how I love s'mores, yum! I also love red nails ;)

  4. I just ordered that cover up. I blame you!! I hate that I missed last night!!

  5. I was at Target the other day and their summer items are on sale already. And I am in Florida so "summer" has felt like summer for two months already, but really it actually has just begun. Isn't that weird?! I want smores now, so thanks for that. Ha ha

  6. I have been wanting to make s'mores forever! I think I will have to do that this weekend!!

  7. So jealous of your blogger meet up, how fun! And yes yes yes to all this July summer-ness. Especially hobo pies! Thanks for all the grilling ideas, my husband's bday is coming up and those would be right up his alley!

  8. blogger date looks so fun - you're all so cute! and i need that cover up, now.

  9. What a cute coverup! My face is priceless (not in a good way ha) in that pic but it was so fun. Definitely need to do more of those!

  10. Ahhhhhh I want to come to the blogger meetup! Oh and I love sparklers ;-)

  11. I'm with you on the marshmallows. I only dig 'em on s'mores. (or MAYBE the occasional hot chocolate)

    I really need to do my nails in something patriotic, but I'm feeling pretty lazy. Maybe I'll treat myself to a patriotic manicure. haha

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  12. P.S. SO jealous that all of you Charleston girls got to meet up! FUN!

  13. smores! yes! favorite summer dessert

  14. I need to try that polish. I'm so sick of polish chipping after only days of painting my nails. Too funny my uncle was just asking me yesterday if I knew where to get a cedar plank to grill salmon. And now I know one to recommend him! Thanks for linking up! So much fun last night!

  15. What a fabulous round up for a blogger meet up! So jealous!!


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