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Happy Thursday, friends! This week I think I've been more exhausted than I ever was, even in the first trimester. I hope its just from two weeks on-the-go and not a hint of some sort of sickness to come!

Thoughts for Thursday

Ever since we found out about this little babe I'm cooking, I've focused on buying him the things he will need. You know... like adorable baby jeans, the cutest teethers around, and a pricey "coming home" outfit that will likely be ruined with a diaper blowout (because we certainly won't know what the eff we're doing yet). You stop buying for yourself and forget about all those things you wanted to decorate the house.

So today I'm sharing a few of the things on my wishlist, 99% of which are not baby-related. Because mama needs a little love too, right?

Factory City Coat
I definitely don't need a new coat here in Charleston but if I were to buy one, this would be it. I love the high collar and the green color is completely opposite of every other winter coat I own.

Initial Bar Necklace
I've been wanting a bar necklace for a while, I love seeing them layered with other necklaces. I'm not sure I can pull off the layering thing but I can't wait to order one of these with Rowan's initial!
Elbow-Patch Sweater in Stripes
Elbow pads and stripes in one perfect sweater. Enough said.

Chesney Round Toe Bootie
I realize I'm a little late to the game on the booties trend but I'm ready to dive in if someone wants to buy these for me. Any takers?

Braided Wool Baskets
Why do these things have to be so expensive? You're killing me RH, with all your cute, overpriced baby things. If anyone has seen a knockoff of these baskets, please share!

Grey Ombre Faux Fur Throw
My obsession with throw blankets continues with this number. I mean, it doesn't get any more cozy than that!

What are you loving for this Fall and Winter? Anything I need to add to my list?!


  1. Yes, momma needs some love too! Love that initial bar necklace and a cozy fur throw blanket would be perfection!

  2. That coat! It definitely gets cold enough in Michigan to warrant about 5 new coats a year so this one may have to come home to me :) Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. I know what I'm getting you for a baby gift, that's if Steve doesn't get it for you first! You may only need that jacket for one week out of the year but you'll have it forever. I have a pea coat from high school I still wear!

  4. the coat is to die for amazing!! I love that, the shirt and the shoes....can you just be my personal shopper. Thanks!

  5. I definitely have the Initial Bar Necklace on my wishlist as well! That fur throw - I can only imagine how comfy curling up on the couch with that would be!!

  6. Target has decorative rope baskets for sale. They're smaller but still just as cute!

    I'm obsessed with their fall collection!


  7. Isn't it funny how suddenly you don't care as much about shopping for yourself?! I'm stressing over Christmas outfits for the boys yet have zero idea what I will wear and I don't even care :) Love that coat and the bar necklace! Most of my coats are from Jcrew or Factory and they're the best. I also LOVE that elbow patch stripe sweater!

  8. restoration hardware has sooo many cute things -- but their prices are insane!! i have that bar pendant on my wishlist too! annnd i love that coat! i really hope i can wear my red one this winter...maybe just at thanksgiving in chicago :) feel better lady and get some rest! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Love that necklace and those booties!

  10. I love that sweater amd those booties! They look perfect and cozy for the fall.

  11. You totally deserve to spend money on yourself. I spend way too much on my kids stuff and get so much more pleasure out of seeing them in precious outfits. I have treated myself to a few things lately, and it felt nice to get some new stuff for myself!

  12. Love all your picks and that pretty green jacket. The collar is perfection!

  13. i love that sweater!!! and, that jacket!!! To die for! You definitely deserve to spend a few buck spoiling yourself! Much needed, mama!!

  14. I love this all!! And yes mama needs loving too! I spend all my money on clothing for Presley because she is so much more fun to dress than myself! (Heads up baby jeans are not that awesome) I bought oh idk 5 pairs and realize it's much nicer to have her in soft clothing. Well at least in the 0-3 stage that is!

  15. That Factory coat is at an amazing price! I am also loving that bar necklace. Thanks for sharing all your good finds!


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