Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! It's been far too long since I had my butt in gear to do a favorites post! Honestly by the end of the week I'm exhausted and haven't done anything exciting other than wear sweats and eat Valentine's Day candy. (Yes, I went straight from Christmas cookies to Valentine's candy. Being prego this time of year is dangerous.)

Linking up with Christina and the Five on Friday crew today!
Favorite Shop :: Little Sapling Toys (+ discount!)

Y'all have to check out one of my favorite shops, Little Sapling Toys! I can't get over how adorable these personalized wooden blocks and truck are for the babe's nursery. I have them as decor for now, but they can also be used as teethers.

They are affordable, turnaround was super quick, and they offer tons of cute options like state teethers and animal shaped toys for both boys and girls. Such a great gift idea!

As a bonus for y'all, the sweet folks behind Little Sapling Toys have offered a Home Sweet Ruby readers a 10% discount! Use the code HSR10 when checking out!

Favorite Recent Purchase :: Veggie Spiralizer

Thanks to several food aversions that are still sticking with me, I've consumed more carbs this pregnancy than anyone should have in a 9-month time span. I'm really looking forward to putting this to use and eating healthier... would love to hear your favorite spiralizer recipes if you have any!

Favorite Birthday Gift :: 50 mm lens

Photo taken with this 50 mm lens

Not only did my husband stock our bar with our favorite Northern Virginia wine, but he also spoiled me with the 50 mm lens I have been wanting for my DSLR! But, I notice I have a habit of getting blurry photos with this new lens (as in, nothing is really in focus) and it feels like I have to be really far away from the subject since its more zoomed in than my stock lens. If any of you have this lens, advice is definitely appreciated!

Favorite Item Checked Off the To-Do List :: Hospital Bag

Think I have enough stripes going on here?
Knot Hat. Sherpa Tracker hat.
Aside from the last minute additions like phone chargers, makeup, camera, etc. I think I'm all packed for the hospital! Such a surreal feeling! Mamas- Anything you forgot to pack and wished you had?

Favorite Recipe :: Slow Cooker Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Recipe and photo via Six Sisters' Stuff
Mark this recipe down as one of my favorite slow cooker recipes ever! I threw some mayo on a french bread roll, added the steak, pepper and onion mix, topped it with some provolone cheese and broiled it on low for a couple minutes. SO easy and delicious!

This weekend I'm forcing myself to be more active, starting with brunch and a candle-making class tomorrow! Hopefully some talking around King Street too, since there was zero progress on the labor front at my OB appointment yesterday. Any and all advice on getting this babe moving is appreciated!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, stay warm!


  1. those wooden toys are so cute!! cant wait for our brunch/candle date :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I have been seeing spiralizers pop up on pinterest a ton! I'd check there. I really need to get myself one and see what it is all about. I love seeing all of your baby choices and outfits they are so cute and classic. No tips for the lens but that is on my wish list as well. Let me know how you like it!

  3. Oh my gosh the candy - it's nonstop from Halloween to Easter. I totally agree, there's not a more dangerous time of year to be preggers.Those wooden blocks and toys are so cute!! And yay for packing your hospital bag! So exciting girl!

  4. My spriralizer made my list this week, too! Too funny! If you haven't already checked out the blog "Inspriralized" you should! She has EXCELLENT recipes that are super flavorful. A couple of my faves are her sweet potato eggs benedict and a mexican sweet potato soup. Enjoy!

  5. I have only used my spiralizer twice, but love it! I need to get creative and try more things!

  6. I just got a spiralizer for Christmas...I need to get on that! :) LOVE that pic of sweet ruby too!!! xx

  7. Cant wait to see what recipes you come up with for the spiralizer and i love the new lens - looks like an awesome photo!! Hope you have a great weekend girl!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. Your nursery decor and details are downright dreamy! Checking out that shop now! (way to go hubby- love the sweet ruby pic!) Have a great weekend! ox

  9. I love my nifty fifty lens. It's such a great size and weight. I personally find it better for outdoor photos since you do have to be a bit further from your subject. My favorite lens ever is my 35mm since I find it easier to use indoors, but it's also more expensive. I would also recommend manually focusing it. With a little practice it will become second nature for you and it should help you get the focus right. I don't know if you shoot manually or not, but if you are having issues with the focusing, it might be because the f-stop is wide open (smaller number) which lets more light in but reduces the focal zone (this is not the correct term, but I cannot think of it right now). Shooting manually would also be my recommendation, but I get that it isn't everyone's cup of tea. I use Nikon, so I don't have your lens, but I hope some of that helps! :)
    Great job packing your hospital bag! So exciting!!!

  10. I haven't gotten a spiralizer yet but I've heard good things. I think it needs to be bumped up to the top of my to-buy list!
    Mmmm philly cheesesteaks. Now you have my mouth watering!! :) Your hospital bag has some SUUUUUPER cute baby clothes in it--absolutely adorable!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. I love the 50mm lens.. I got it for Xmas and trying to figure out how to use it. I think its a lot of trial and error. I try to put the f/stop lower for more blurry or higher for less. Hope we can learn together
    Chelsea @

  12. That lens is on my wish list, hoping to get it soon :) Have a good weekend!

  13. I love my 50mm lens more then any... so crisp

  14. You'll love having a spiralizer! Maybe you can eat get Steve on board! See you tomorrow!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  15. I just purchased a spiralizer and we are going to try out this recipe tonight (first time trying it, so not sure how it will turn out; you could also swap out the shrimp for chicken if you can't eat seafood) -

    As for the 50 mm lens, when the f-stop is at the lowest, it's sometimes hard to get the entire subject in focus. The lower the f-stop though, the fuzzier the background, which can make your pic really cool. But you really have to play around with the f-stop and figure out what works best with your subject. Sometimes I set it on 2.8 or 3 and it gives a good background, but also keeps the subject more in focus. If you go down to 1.8 it sometimes is hard to control what is in focus, unless you subject you want in focus is really small. I do all of this in the AV mode by the way, which is my favorite way to shoot with my 50 mm lens. This mode allows me to control the f-stop and how fuzzy my background is. Someday I'll master shooting in manual, but for now that is the easiest and fastest way for me to use my camera to get the results I want. Hope that helps and feel free to email with any other questions. I'm not a pro, but I've been using my camera for about 2 years, and I've finally got a few things figured out...ha!

  16. I love me some spiralizer meals. Anything by I've loved!

  17. You can never have too many stripes in your life!

  18. Wow, gimme that sandwich! Loving all the sweet clothes and how great your new lens works. See you soon, lady!

  19. You will LOVE the 50mm with a bit of practice. It's a huge adjustment for your feet to be the zoom :) but once you get the hang of it, it is an amazing lens. I shoot everything with it currently.

    I love those wood toys! Checking them out now!

  20. I have to hop on this spiralizer train - I feel like so many people have been posting recipes lately and they all look amazing! Hope you're having a great weekend!


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