Friday Favorites

Happy weekend, friends! I can hardly believe its the last one in January... we're having a baby next month!! And by next month, I mean I'm still predicting it'll be next week, but we'll see :)

I was so excited for TGIT last night, and then super disappointed with Scandal. Is anyone else with me? It was so dramatic (total Shonda Rimes style) I just wasn't into it. Anyway, onward to my favorites from the week!

Per usual I'm linking up with Christina and the Five on Friday crew!

Favorite Valentine's Day DIY

I didn't have time this year to come up with any new, festive DIY projects for Valentine's Day but I'm still loving our decor from last year. If you're feeling crafty this weekend, check out my (super easy) DIY paper heart garland! If you don't have a sewing machine, you can just string the hearts together with baker's twine.

Favorite Recent Baby Purchase

So excited about this Solly Wrap! I knew I wanted a wrap for our little man, especially since I work from home and I'm thinking it will be great to wear him while typing away at my computer. I can't really practice tying it with this big 'ol belly in the way so if anyone has one, please share some tips!

Favorite Wish List Item

Gigi New York just came out with a new Teddie Tote and I love it. The Green is gorgeous but I think the Navy is definitely more practical. I'll likely be filing this away on my wish list of "things I'll probably never buy but obsess over anyway." Anyone else have one of those?!

Favorite Super Bowl Snacks

Restaurant Style Salsa recipe (Someday I'll take a better photo.. eek!)

We're laying low for the game this weekend but that won't stop me from making at least one ridiculously unhealthy but delicious snack. My go-to when we've got a crowd are these bacon-wrapped hotdogs (my husband is constantly requesting them!), restaurant-style salsa, or this baked brie appetizer. What are you go-to recipes for the game?

Sweet N Swag Giveaway

Don't forget to enter the Sweet N Swag bow tie giveaway for your little man, nephew, baby shower gift, etc! And if you're in the market for really adorable $20 moccasins, go ahead and order some of Sweet N Swag' moccs now... you will love them!

I hope you all have great weekend!


  1. I can't believe Rowan will be here next month! I guess he technically could be here any day now! Shelby just got a Teddie tote and I think she loves it. Tell Steve to buy you one for carrying his baby for 9 months! What are y'all doing for the Super Bowl?
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. I have a MK in that green and I LOVE it. I have found it to work as a total neutral...go for it, girl! Found you on the link up :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I can't believe he could be here next week! That's so exciting!!! I'm already starting to feel ready to be done being pregnant and I've got a ways to go till the end of April. :( Let us know what you think of the Solly wrap! Have a good weekend!

  4. that gigi bag would make a greatttt baby bag!! ;) and i have that solly wrap too! i agree it'll be nice to have the baby close by when i run around the house/attempt to work. i cant wait to meet your little man soon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Such a cute heart garland!! I love it, and if I have time (doubtful with 2 babies) I am totally going to make that!

  6. I have the Solly baby wrap and LOVE it!! My advice is to watch the You tube video when you're doing it the first time. Also (this probably won't make sense until you try it but) when you pull the two straps over your shoulders you want to pull them really, really tight and make the part around your waist tight too. That was my mis-step the first few times I tried to use it. I didn't have it pulled tight enough around my body. I can't believe Rowan could be here any day now. I'm so excited for you!!

  7. Ugh, I was totally not a fan of Scandal last night either! What in the world was going on? I felt like I wasted an hour of my life! But YAY for baby month!! So excited!

  8. So now I'm totally in the mood to make some homemade salsa this weekend! Your recipe looks delish. My biggest issue with Scandal last night is that it was like the rest of the cast was on vacation... where the heck were they? Hopefully there are more answers next week!

  9. We have that chip and dip platter but decorated for Penn State! I love your mantel! I bought a heart garland like the one you made but I couldn't get it to lay right!

  10. I love your garland. I am getting major house envy lately as I am determined to get out of this apartment asap! I so have a list of things I will obese over but never buy. Top of my list LV Neverfull. Aw man I would die if I got that tote! Can't believe Rowan will be here so soon!!

  11. I'm dying for one of those bags now that they added in the pockets! I love their stuff and think it's worth the splurge! Thanks for the heads up on the cute moccasins - far cheaper than the popular freshly picked!

  12. I have no experience with babies but I love the idea of baby wearing!! You have to check out Natalie Borton's blog. She just had a baby boy a few months ago and swears by the Solly wraps.

  13. Agree about Scandal. WHAT in the world?!? Too much. But....of course I'll still watch every. single. week.

  14. Seriously, cutest Valentine's banner ever!! I love your chip and dip bowl too :)


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