Can't Live Without It | Hospital Bag Edition

It's been a wild week here! Closing on the house, busy work week, and about 15 to-do lists later... I'm so happy its the weekend. On our agenda: painting! Along with extra trips to Starbucks because its so close to the new house and hopefully some pampering for my first Mother's Day!

Speaking of Mother's Day, today I'm sharing Can't Live Without It: Hospital Bag edition. Also included, what I could have lived without.

As expected, I over-packed. I always over-pack so why would packing for the hospital to give birth to a tiny human be any different?

Learn from my mistakes and pack light! Especially if you live 2 miles from the hospital like I did and can just send your tired but super sweet husband home to grab some things. :)

For Mama

What I couldn't live without: Cheap flip flops for the shower, comfy long sleeve pajamas, socks, nursing tank tops, cardigans, yoga pants, nursing bras, shampoo/conditioner, makeup (just the concealer, powder and waterproof mascara), chapstick

What could have been left behind: big underwear (I used the awesome mesh ones from the hospital, way better at holding down the fort with that whole situation you've got going on), robe (I never put this on, maybe because I was already wearing long sleeves), hair dryer (the last thing I felt like doing was standing in front of a mirror blow drying my hair)

For Baby

What I couldn't live without: Swaddle blanket (at least 1), footed sleepers with built-in mittens (R was mostly in a diaper the first day because the nurses had us do a ton of skin-to-skin before his first bath, but sleepers were so easy to get on and off of him after that), hats, going home outfit (bonus points if there is a monogram!)

What could have been left behind: pacis (we waited a couple of days before introducing a paci), onesies (so effing hard to put on a floppy newborn), burp cloths (just didn't use these for some reason), socks (unless using at mittens, then keep them)

No need for diapers or wipes, unless you have a specific brand you want to use. 


What I couldn't live without: Pillows and towels from home, a nice camera with a fully charged battery, phone charger, extension cord with extra outlets, baby book (they did hand and foot prints for us in our book)

What could have been left behind: This nursing pillow (It did not work for me AT ALL, I actually used regular pillows at the hospital. I wish I could go back and tell my 9 month prego self to leave this in its box at Babies R Us)

So there you have it. Mamas, what would you add or subtract from your hospital bag?!

I hope you all have a fab weekend!

Want to join us?! Share something you can't live without, link back to Stephanie, Laura and I, and link up below!


  1. A LONG time ago on having my second child, I forgot my hospital bag...not a good thing when the hospital was 45 minutes away and about to give birth. Poor hubs had alot of driving that day/night.

  2. See I just bypassed all the clothes and stayed in my robe the whole time I was at the hospital (after babe was born!). I agree about not needing hair styling things. It was the last thing I was worried about!

  3. This is such a great post - I'm totally saving it for when that time comes!! I hope you have a wonderful first Mother's Day!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Such an informative post! But let's be honest I'll end up overpacking anyways! Theo and I would love to come by and see the new house this weekend! That's if we're invited! ;)
    Ally - Life as I know it

  5. Yes! I am totally pinning this for later. There are so many hospital bag packing lists but this one is the best yet. Thanks and enjoy your Mother's Day!

  6. Yes I completely agree, I over packed as well and didn't even use the bag when I was in the hospital. What worked out the best for me was a comfy sweater (gave birth in winter) and some slippers. Almost everything else they provided, diapers, swaddlers, caps, mesh underwear. It was so nice having them provide everything, because there were somethings that I never even though of bringing like caps :( She actually went home in the clothes they provided, she ended up being too large for the ones we brought (so much for being a newborn size).

    Have a great Mother's Day!

    Liz → {sundays with sophie}

  7. oh yahh i didnt use half the crap i packed! and i think packed pretty light... should have left the robe, socks, and half the toiletries (makeup haha right?!) at home. ah well better to be prepared i guess! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Want to know something crazy?! I actually blew dried and curled my hair on day two in the hospital. WTF was I thinking. Newborn/Norco induced haze. I wish I had brought more headbands to the hospital haha I didn't know they send around a photographer!

  9. All my friends told me to bring underwear because they hated the mesh ones ... maybe it was all the pain meds from the c-section but I loved those things! I even brought some home.

  10. I didn't get to pack my hospital bag, due to preeclampsia, I landed myself in the hospital over a month early and was in there for 5 days before my daughter was born and 3 days after. My husband packed a bag for me and I really wish I could have referred him to this post. He really tried, but as you can imagine, the bag was pretty interesting... Luckily, we also live really close to the hospital and he made numerous trips back and forth for things that didn't make it the first (or second, or third, etc...) time around. Also, next time I will be packing my bag early, very, very early! Happy Mother's Day!

  11. I am just like you, I overpack everything! Cause what if I need something and didn't pack it? I love me some variety! the picture you have on your sidebar of you and your fresh baby is so precious!!

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  12. Good to know about those pillows ;-) This list is absolutely perfect!!! The OCD person in me is very happy seeing this!


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