5 Things Daycare Tells Me

I'm not sure if these are normal things to hear when you pick your child up from daycare, or maybe its a boy thing, but my sweet and oh so wild child has some of the most entertaining reports at the end of the day.

Here are some of the doozies.

1. School Photos

Perhaps my favorite was school picture day and the apparently Olympic-style meltdown Rowan had when the poor, unassuming photographer who dared to ask him to sit on a prop. I had no idea of this until I stopped at the desk to ask for his proofs... eager to see whether he sported his cute smile or something I'd be showing his future prom dates.

Front Desk Lady: [after searching for his proofs twice] "Ohhhhh I remember. We couldn't get any photos of Rowan because he was not having it that day."

Here's the kicker, y'all... she said, "We actually thought he was going to make himself sick so we gave up."

Whattttt. I'm not sure where that version of my child came from but I immediately apologized for his performance and exited the building.

2. The "Odd" Day

Every day when I pick up Rowan I ask his teacher how he did. On this particular day, she stopped and thought about it and all she could say was "Rowan had a really odd day."

When I prompted her for more information, she said he was good but... "He kept running up to me, pinching me in the arm, and then running away."

All I could really do with that little nugget was laugh.

3. Cow's Milk Dilemma

I haven't mentioned this here before but Rowan is currently on soy milk in an attempt to see if he has a milk allergy which could contribute to his ear infections. He was never a big fan of whole milk, but he tolerated it. Until this day, apparently.

Daycare ran out of his soy milk and mama forgot to bring more that morning. When they called to tell me he was out, I suggested giving him whole milk to hold him over. Their response? "We already tried that and he was having none of it."

Diva, party of 1 coming right up.

4. Sometimes you just have to sit

If you follow on snapchat, you've seen R sitting on (or attempting to) sit on just about everything. Plastic containers, toys, rolls of paper towels, laundry. You name it, he's sat on it.

When I asked if he did that at daycare they rattled off about 15 things, including toy boxes which he flips upside down, that he plops down on every single day.

Daycare teacher: "I've never seen anything like it."

You know when you see your kid taking things apart and studying pieces and you think, oh he is totally going to be an engineer? Well, my kid just sits on things and looks cute. Anyone have an idea of that future career?

5. The Biter

If Rowan comes home without bite marks and sans a bite report (as in, he bit another child), its been a successful day. Honestly I think his class must keep the ladies at the front desk quite busy with all of the phone calls they have to make each day because of bites.

Here's the thing... I'd like to blame most of that on him learning it from others, getting them back for days when he comes home with a full set of teeth marks stamped on his precious skin, or those damn molars that are taking forever to come in. But I'm hoping its just a phase like everything else so far. (Please mamas, tell me its a phase!)

Disclaimer: We have tried every trick in the book to keep him from biting. He laughs when I fake cry, laughs when we bite him back, laughs in the face of teethers. He doesn't get the word "no" yet, but we keep trying. Any other suggestions are highly welcome!


  1. These had me cracking up, even though you've told them all to me before! The school picture one is the best! Don't you wish they would of recorded his meltdown because I'm having a hard time picturing him acting like that! As for the constant sitting, maybe you have a future plumber on your hands? haha ;)

  2. Ah biting.... I usually tell our little one a firm no and then divert attention. You are not alone momma. I think this is just a phase!

  3. Oh daycare fun!! Logan used to launch himself into his teacher's arms, whether they had a baby in them already or not. ha. They all have their quirks. And yes, everyone says biting is a stage! We've been bit a couple of times, but it hasn't become a problem yet. Fingers crossed we can skip it. ha.

  4. Which daycare does Rowan attend? We're moving to Charleston soon and I'm on the hunt for a good place for our 18 month old son and soon-to-arrive son. We toured several daycares when we were in town a few months ago and put the boys on a few waiting lists, but we didn't find one we absolutely loved. I would love any advice you can provide. Thanks!

    1. Its so tough to decide! It really depends what area of Charleston you are looking in. Email me at homesweetruby@gmail.com and I'll see if I can help! :)

  5. Haha, I love how Rowan loves to sit on absolutely everything - those snaps are always the best. It's kind of surprising that he didn't want to sit on something for his school pictures though since he likes to sit so much!

  6. I just love little Rowan!! No help here but know I enjoy his antics!

  7. Most of these made me laugh! Rowan sounds like he has quite the personality! Sorry to hear about the biting. Hopefully it gets better!


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