One Room Challenge :: Playroom Makeover with Built-Ins

Today I'm introducing you to our hot mess of a playroom.

Behold, in all of its unkept, bland glory.

When we moved in to this house I knew this space was going to get some use as it poses significantly less danger for my wild and crazy toddler than the wood floors, steps, and nicer quality furniture in our downstairs living space.

But its really freaking boring and there is zero lighting in this room at night. Which means after putting Rowan to bed I trip over and step on the loudest toys ever on my way to the steps.

Since we don't have enough spaces in the house I want to redo (you know... that series I mentioned and haven't touched yet), I'm adding this one to the top of the priority list! Every week for 6 weeks I will be sharing progress of our playroom makeover by joining tons of other creative bloggers in the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. So fun, right?!

As with every DIY project we do, we'll take our low budget and beginner DIY skills and hope for the best!

So here is the plan:

DIY Built-in Window Seat with bookshelves - I've clearly lost my mind because we've never done anything like this before, but here in my inspiration. I doubt we'll do cabinets, just all open shelving so I can throw a basket or two in there.

The cutest toddler chairs and table 

DIY Growth Chart like this  

Add a light

Add some color with these adorable Minted alphabet and number prints, and a fun banner

Add a chalkboard, art supplies station like this 

Ditch the ugly couch (we'll replace it eventually but we really don't sit on it much right now)

I'm not even sure if all of this will fit in the space, so if anything the chalkboard area can be ditched because Rowan is only 1 and will eat any and all chalk. 

Here is a peek at my horrible drawing skills.

If the built-in shelving and crown molding trim goes well, we think it would add so much value to the house and help majorly in the organization department. The kicker is, we play in this space every day after work so keeping it kid friendly while in construction is going to be rough. Because you know, we move at a snails pace around here!

We've got a contractor friend on speed dial for advice and I'll be sure to share all of the highs and lows with you along the way.

If anyone has completed a built-in project like this before please share any insight you've got. We'll need all the help/motivation/wine we can get!

See more of the vision for the playroom here and the DIY projects we'll be using as a guide here.

And in case you're interested, scroll through some of my favorite projects we've done so far here


  1. Love it!! The built ins and window seat will be so worth it too! And I'm dying over those industrial chairs as well. Can't wait to see it come together!

  2. Ooo what an exciting change!!! Can't wait to hear about the progress!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  3. Can't wait to see that built-in come to life! You have a great space to work with and I love all your picks for the space :)

  4. Excited to see what you do! Wish I had a room for the one room challenge haha my house is just too dang small!

  5. Eeeek! I'm so excited we're in this together. WOOP WOOP! xx

  6. Ahh, can't wait to see how you guys do this! We've been wanting to do built-ins for a while now... just can't work up the courage!

  7. Ahhh good luck! I can't wait to follow along. I wish I'd been in the loop and gotten on board this...of course, literally every room in my house needs 6 weeks of TLC. So I'm not sure how I would have picked just one :p

  8. i love built ins and some good crown molding! it's going to turn out great!

  9. I'm dying! I love your vision and I just can't wait to see it!


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