Nordstrom Sale Budget Friendly Picks

I know none of you have heard this yet, so I thought I'd be the first to break the news that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts today!

I secretly get a little jealous seeing #Nsale picks all over the place because I don't have early access, but its actually a good thing because I let other bloggers who are much more fashionable narrow it down to the best stuff for me!

I did do a little of my own sleuthing today though, dreaming of the day I can splurge for these AG jeans. My husband keeps me on a tight budget (well, he tries but all bets are off when I step into Target on a solo mission) and we're no where near a store so I usually limit myself to one or two purchases.

Here are some of my favorites that I've narrowed it down to... Definitely more budget friendly picks with a splurge or two!

I was pretty disappointed there were no original Hunter boots or Reva flats on sale, but I wouldn't hate it if those Tory Burch sunnies and Hinge Block heels accidentally fell into on my online cart and landed on my doorstep.

So what are some of your favorites from the sale? Anything else I need to lust over and hope are still available next week?!

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  1. I did the same as you friend! :) I shopped the sale and can't wait to see what other bloggers are getting to really narrow it down come next Friday! I picked out that same cross body bag, such a good price for that! Definitely going into my cart. I picked out a few rompers too, since I have been digging the rompers lately.


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