Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This has felt like the never-ending week but now that it's finally Friday, I'm praying time will slow down! We have so much to do before we host a little Friendsgiving on Sunday and I'm just hoping they don't mind the mishmash of Fall and Christmas decor I've got going on over here! 

I wanted to share a few favorites from the week before we sign off and enter what I expect will be the last remotely non-crazy weekend before the holiday madness begins!

ONE. If you're looking for easy desserts for Friendsgiving, the Trader Joe's mini pumpkin pies and pumpkin cheesecake are a major addiction around here. Rowan commandeers that cheesecake the moment he sees it, so my husband and I have resorted to snacking while hiding in the pantry. Hashtag we're fatties.

TWO. Like every woman in America, I'm a big fan of athleisure and Gap's softspun knit line is hands down my favorite clothing ever. The fabric feels like butter. I have a few of these tees and cannot stop wearing this hi-low top. Treat yourself now because they are 40-50 percent off!! Also they run a little big so if you're in between sizes go smaller.

THREE. We picked up Rowan this 3 foot Christmas tree (for $18 I couldn't pass it up!) for his playroom and he is completely obsessed. He tells us all of the colors of the lights and makes us sit on the couch with him just to admire it. Totally got his mama's love for the holidays!

FOUR. Needing last minute table decor ideas? I love the look of silver dollar eucalyptus with copper accents! I'm totally going to try to recreate this gorgeous setup!

FIVE. I think we're leaning towards an easel and new art supplies for Rowan's Christmas gift (he loves painting and I'm hoping to avoid more toys!) but I'm eager to hear what you're getting your toddler! Anyone have fun ideas for an almost 2 year old?

Hope you all have a fun and festive weekend!

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  1. i have that hi-low sweater from gap too and I love it! i cant believe how soft it is. have the best time at freindsgiving! xo jillian


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