Thoughts on Family Photos with a Toddler

We had our family photos this past weekend with the super talented Shannon Michelle Photography and I adore them. Rowan was a little velcro toddler on my hip 90 percent of the session, so I tried to keep my expectations low, but Shannon seriously worked some kind of magic.

A photography session with a toddler is just as unpredictable as I expected, but here are a few thoughts that were running through my head as our session went on.

1. Really glad I skipped the dress and booties. Falling on my face while wrangling a 30 pound child is not a picture I'd like our photographer to capture.

2. Note to self: Just pay for the overpriced toddler haircut in an airplane chair instead of the cheap place down the road. Also don't under any circumstance let my husband go solo with him to the salon.

3. Thank you Jesus for the 60 degree weather.
4. I hope I brought enough marshmallows for bribes. Maybe I should have grabbed the lollipops too. Damn.

5. Next time we're leading with the ducks. He lit up the moment he saw them in the pond, and by then the photo session was over. Who knew my kid just needed a few ducks to quack at him?

If you're one of those toddler moms who thought through a styled photography shoot with perfect outfits, I applaud you. I'm lucky I had two of the same shoes on as we ran out the door at what felt like the crack of dawn.

PS These are just a few of the blog-approved photos, sorry I can't share more of the gems!


  1. This is so true... You never know how the pictures will turn out with a toddler :)
    Love these
    Chelsea @

  2. Definitely looking forward to when my baby is a toddler for cute photoshoots like this one!

  3. haha toddlers can be CRAZY! I love how your photos turned out and I can't wait to see your cards ;) xo jillian

  4. Your photos are adorable! I don't know how we even made it through our shoot and actually got a few good family shots! I made the mistake of wearing a dress and I'm pretty sure I flashed our photographer a few times while trying to wrangle camden! #sorrynotsorry #wellkindofembarressed


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