Easter 2017

I hope you all had a fun weekend!

Easter officially became one of my favorite holidays this year... capped off by a surprise visit from my parents!

Though I could do without the double pink eye and colds that two out of three of us have right now. Not sure how my boys got so sick but our house has been on a bit of a struggle bus since my parents left. This could also be partially due to a crash in sugar levels after finishing the last of our Reese's eggs...

The weather was absolutely perfect so we soaked up the sun at Magnolia Plantation's Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Rowan was a bit intimidated by the large crowd of parents charging towards the eggs with their toddlers in tow (I don't blame him) but slowly got into it after tasting every piece of candy in each egg he found along the way.

For some reason Easter egg hunts apparently suck the energy out of adults too?! Or is it just me?

We decided after Rowan's nap to set up egg dying outside on our patio while my husband grilled some burgers. It was the perfect evening, with surprisingly little mess to clean up considering you never know what to expect when you give a toddler 5 cups of dye to drop eggs into.

On Sunday we went to an early church service and headed home to host Easter brunch with my parents and close friends. I went a bit overboard on the basket filling... every year I forget what I bought and keep adding to it but the practical things like a shark towel and new red Natives were a big hit! And the bubbles... Always bubbles.

We tried hard for a good family photo but I think Rowan was starting to feel pretty crummy at this point so we took what we could get.

He's now on day two of eye drops and hanging at home with me... honestly if I don't get pink eye and his cold after being sneezed on a million times, I must have some kind of crazy immune system. Fingers crossed!

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