Meet Finn

You guys, he's here!!

Finn graced us with his presence in the middle of the night the day before his due date, just like big brother, and we're completely smitten.

It's been a whirlwind week filled with little sleep, lots of feedings, and all of the newborn snuggles, and we're soaking in every bit of Finn's sweetness.

I'm not one to share birth stories but to sum it up...

We decided on an elective induction on the 21st after hearing from the ultrasound tech that Finn was about 7 lb 14 oz at 38 weeks. I was really nervous he was going to be giant by 40 weeks, so between my body feeling like it was falling apart, and not having any family local to watch Rowan if I went into random labor, having a scheduled date of eviction just felt right.

On the morning of the 21st we were told there were no beds available (something we knew was a possibility) so we couldn't be induced that day. Then because of Thanksgiving, they couldn't get me in until the day after my due date. Which basically defeated the purpose of my induction!

So the rest of the weekend was kind of a mind game because we all thought we'd have the baby and be home by Thanksgiving day! I continued having contractions (Braxton Hicks started around 30 weeks so this was nothing new) and by Saturday night I thought I was in labor, only for the contractions to stop around 9 PM.

Fast forward to 2 AM and they kicked in strong so we headed to the hospital. Just TWO hours later Finn made his entrance, just a few minutes after my epidural was placed. I honestly never thought I'd feel what a contraction that far into labor felt like, woof.

He was totally worth it though!

All 7 pounds 11 ounces of him.

Yep, the ultrasound was SO off!!

We had planned on having a Fresh 48 hospital photo session but with the overnight delivery, we spent almost no time at the hospital and couldn't fit it in before we were discharged! We're so thankful delivery went so smoothly (though fast!) so no complaints here.

As far as Rowan is concerned, he has been the absolute sweetest big brother. He's constantly kissing Finn and giving him hugs. I can't even begin to explain how head over heels we were with both of our boys, we're just so incredibly lucky to have two healthy babes to cuddle.

Thank you all for the sweet comments and messages on Instagram, I haven't gotten back to all of them yet but I've read every one of them and we appreciate all of the love for Finn!


  1. He is perfection! Crazy how fast he arrived!

  2. So so happy for you and your precious family! He is perfect!!!

  3. welcome to the world Finn!! That photo of the two boys together is SO adorable Cait! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness he is just the sweetest! So glad everything went well and sounds like it was a speedy delivery! Hope you are doing well mama!


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