Snow Day in Charleston

Happy 2018, friends! My ability to start and finish a post lately has been laughable so I'm actually surprising myself by getting this one published! Hoping I can get it together now that we're back to our regularly scheduled programming after the Great Snow of 2018 because I have a long list of posts I am excited to share!

It been a crazy few months with Finn's birth, hosting my husband's side of the family for Christmas, and learning how to be a family of four. Then to top that off with the wildest snow storm I think we'll ever see in Charleston...

I never, ever thought I'd see snow like this in Charleston and we had such a blast playing in it with Rowan. Last time he saw snow at my parents' house he would step foot in it, but this time we couldn't get him to come inside!

I took the first few photos thinking "wow this is awesome, I need to document this before it stops snowing." But then as the day went on it became a total whiteout and we bundled up all over again to go back outside. Finn stayed inside for all but 5 seconds of the day where dressed him in his best snow clothes, a velour footie and socks for mittens, just to document his first snow.

After the fun stopped and we were forced to avoid the icy road conditions though, I think we all got a bit sick of it. Charleston just doesn't have the ability to salt or plow the roads like I was used to back home, so it took what felt like forever for schools to reopen and roads to be completely clear.

On the plus side all of those extra days at home helped us finally (knock on wood) get Rowan potty trained! Hallelujah.

I hope you have all been keeping warm!


  1. So fun that you all got a big snowstorm! I can imagine how annoying it would get being stuck inside after a few days with two small kids ;). Yay for potty training though! Totally random but do you have a post on photography, just got a DSLR and your pictures are always gorgeous so I would love to know more!

  2. Soooo pretty and so much fun! There is something about snow that just feels so magical!


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